By: Kelly Toomer-Smith

What A Workout!
Work em Wednesday’s workout is done!  Kelly began with a stretch session that ended with Side Planks!
“Yep..A light stretch session (LOL).
Next up a warm up stroll! Then onto a New HIIT Workout!! It went like this ..20 as you can for 20 Seconds rest for 10 Seconds..20: second .Side Kicks..Hot feet :20 seconds..20 :Seconds of Sprints..:20 Seconds of Mountain Climbers.All done 3 x’s The Sweat That fell:-)LOL Instead of resting I kept Pushing and did push ups..!!!Gone… Kel Get it !! .Next up Full Body work em’s .

Planks for Abs..Elbow and Side Planks..Back Extensions..Deltoid Rows..Lateral Pulldowns….Torso Rotations..Leg Extensions..Leg curls…Leg Press..(Firming Those Glutes ).

Calf Raises..Lastly my Fave..The Glute Master!

Somebody got Their Burn On!!!..Oh Yeah Then two errands ! 4.1 miles..1,163 Calories Burned..10,335 Steps!..What a great morning! Stay Safe Family! — feeling great.”