By: Yvonne Renee Davis

Although I was always very overweight (obese), as an adult (fooling myself that I was “healthy” or “thick”), and my blood pressure was lower than most, things took a turn for the worse when it was reading 145 over 95 and higher sometimes. Ankles were swelling and despite the fact that I did not drink (never started) or smoked, my diet was poor, I ate too much and my exercise routine of cardio yielded little results and returned weight gain.

In 2013 after experiencing the same health getting poorer and then experiencing dizziness, I decided it was time to change my life, but I did not really know how.

Prior to going to Israel and Palestine for the U.S. Department of State to provide media training for Palestinian Women, I saw on my Facebook page Coach Kelvin Moore of
He reached out to me after I replied to a post that I was going to join the Abs and Glutes classes (8 classes a month). He kept on me; even when I was away. When I returned I joined the classes and suffered a great deal; not even and/or just barely getting through the classes.

In early April after seeing the end of the Hard Core training at 6 a.m. on Saturdays, I decided I would join this. I was nervous. Coach Kelvin only took 7 participants.

The classes were brutal and I was so nervous about the classes; particularly the hard core, I would have to go to the bathroom at least twice before the classes.

In mid-April I made the decision to change my whole life style of eating. I followed the eating plan of Coach which consisted of 6 meals per day at about 8 a.m., 10 a.m., lunchtime, afternoon, snack and dinner. It was a sacrifice, but my mind was committed to having a healthier life.

It was not until I went to the doctor (due to my continued dizziness), and starting to experience weight loss that the MRI said I had stroke in Utero and mini strokes as an adult. It was and is before the Grace of God that nothing damaged my brain – I continued on the path of fitness.

Yvonne Renee Davis4
Continued On the Path of Fitness

I continued with this routine and then went to my own gym twice per week for cardio and some weight training, but when I decided to have personal training in my life twice per week (now working out 5 days per week and two hours on Saturday with Hard Core and Abs and Glutes), eating a plan (not a diet), giving up soda completely and reading the labels, that I started to shed and shred.

I ate protein (more intake), but I ate complex carbs, yogurt, took supplements for my health for women vitamins, fish oil. I got into Kale and other green leafy veggies, but I eat meat and kept my food delicious and simple. I have a lot of lunch meetings with clients; so I thought about what I was eating in preparation for my meetings and I would ask the restaurant to prepare the meal in a way I would appreciate eating, but not consuming items that would not yield results.

On holidays, birthdays and special occasions, I eat my fun foods I enjoy, but I am back on the plan the following day and I eat to live and for satisfaction. I love my chocolate for sure, but earned and on special moments. Barbecue chicken is still my favorite and it is my diet in a managed way.

Water is my sustaining way of being. I drink 8-10 classes per day. First 16-20 ounces are consumed before I work out at 6 a.m. My body cleansed a great deal and still does.

By August I had gone from a size 16-14 to a size 8-10. By September, I was down to a size 6-8. By October size 4. Now, I am a size 2-4, but my weight loss is properly distributed and I look and feel great and healthy.


Yvonne Renee Davis3
Lost over 75 Pounds in About 5 Months

I lost over 75 pounds in about 5 months. I recently had the MRI specialist look at my MRI and declare that because of what I have done to my health and for my life, it was self correcting – a miracle by God indeed.

I would say that my work lands me on television (I am an International Business Consultant and the International Relations Expert for FOXCT Tribune Owned Station – the Only African American who does this type of analysis) and now modeling opportunities for sportswear and jeans. Who would of “thunk it”?:-)

Perhaps most of all, my mental state has changed. A cloud of protection due to believing I should not feel beautiful or sexy has lifted. I was in a negative marriage that was not emotionally fortifying and the choices about my value was sacrificed. The weight was the cover and food was the excuse – I was a social eater who ate too much.

The dress I am wearing in this shot, is the shortest dress I have worn since I was 17 years old. I am proud of my accomplishments and I have a man to thank who inspired me – Coach Kelvin Moore. I am in love with myself for the first time and this makes the difference in this achievement – mind, body, spirit.

My life is a revolution around my eating. I am mindful that my health is my happiness and wealth. My body is my holy temple God made for us to cherish. Along with our brains, Women are meant to be beautiful and sexy beyond measure.

In January, I will commence the Point of Separation training with Coach and 8 women to bring my fitness to the next level – I admit I am being trained at the level of a professional athlete in my drills, but I believe in challenging myself to compete against myself. I look forward to perfecting what has started with my body, mind and spirit. Who knows where I would have ended up, if I did not change my life.

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Yvonne Renee Davis is an International Communication Consultant and Television Media Expert for International Relations for a FOX Tribune owned affiliate in Connecticut. She says she is still on her fitness journey. She is also fluent in English, Italian, French and Arabic, and is a model for the kit wear of Cycling of Nelson Vails, the only African American Cyclist to win a Silver Medal in the Olympic games in 1984.   She  gives many thanks to her Coach Kelvin Moore of Transformed Health Ministries.

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