Sugar is not your friend. There is nothing sweet or lovable about it. But it seems like every time you turn around there is something with sugar in it. There are only a few other things that can addict us in such a way and still allow us to function for years on end before showing any real, ill health effects. It’s sweet, it’s comforting, and is a part of just about everyone’s life. So in order to rid yourself of the blasted sweet tooth, you must take baby steps and wean yourself away from it ( just like any addiction).So what are you going to do about it? Take the Baby Steps Sugar Free Challenge and start this day and every other day in this month off doing it the right way! You can choose to do this challenge for either 2 weeks or a full month but anything you do for less than 2 weeks won’t get you the desired results that you may want.


  1. This challenge lasts for 2 weeks to the entire  month.
    Work at your own pace, but remember you have to wean yourself away by cutting back little by little every day. (no less than 2 weeks).
  2. Start with no foods that have added sugar of any kind.
    No added natural sugars (honey, molasses, agave, etc.) Basically, if it has added sugar of any kind (natural or otherwise), don’t eat it. This includes any and all artificial sweeteners which are not considered part of a clean eating diet anyway. There will be naturally occurring sugars in milk and yogurt as well as in fruit. That’s okay. The idea is to give up ADDED sugars. So when you read a nutrition label, look at the actual list of ingredients. NOT the % of sugar per serving.
  3. Replace all other beverages with water and nothing but water.
  4. Stay positive, and never give in to people who will try to derail your success by simply saying “NO thank you” to their sweet temptations!

Stay on track with your results by journaling online your challenges, your successes and your results. This way we can all encourage you and more importantly relate to you with our own journey. Working together, we can do this!