My name is Linda and about six years ago I was not happy with who I had become. My mother passed away in 2000 I was angry because she left me here.  I ate everything in sight from Little Debbie Snack cakes to bags and bags of M & M’s.  I didn’t care who called me out my name the only thing I cared about was eating.  I had a so called friend or so I thought she would insult me and i would sit there and laugh even though it hurt me the most.  As long as I ate and laughed at the jokes I accepted what people did to me.  I was in school and I had a professor ask me if I was a gay because I am over 40 and i wasn’t married.  It hurt and yes I felt so empty.  My mother would often say to me when you get tired you will do something about you and I did.  Even though I was over weight I took Yoga 3 days a week and a dance class 2 days a week.  I was at my heaviest at 263lbs I didn’t have a trainer.  While in college I had the yoga professors look at me as if I was something foreign and yes there were insults so I went to the very back of the class.  See even though I was over weight I was a dancer all through my youth but never had the money to follow my dreams.  I was still limber enough to do every move that was presented to me.  The professors would look at me as if how can she accomplish this as large as I was.  I come from very meager beginnings but I managed to get to where i am right now, through God, meditation and your inspirational photos.  Thank you!  Here is my before Picture and an after picture.  I still have work to do but it is no longer a struggle for me and now I pass by Little Debbie and smile….. My before picture and my after picture!!!



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Should you lift?
Top Reason to lift according to BodyBuilding.com include:
1. MORE EFFECTIVE FAT LOSS – After a heavy bought of strength training, you continue to consume additional oxygen in the hours and even days that follow. This is known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC.
2. MORE MUSCLE, MORE CALORIE EXPENDITURE – As you increase strength and lean muscle mass, your body uses calories more efficiently. Daily muscle contractions from a simple blink to a heavy squat contribute to how many calories you burn in a given day. Sitting burns fewer calories than standing; standing burns fewer than walking, and walking burns fewer than strength training.Your Read More Link Text


What is HIIT?

HIIT is an acronym for High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a training technique in which you give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. 30 minutes of HIIT has shown to be more beneficial than one hour of steady state cardio.


What to try a simple FREE HIIT workout? – Go to your favorite track or park. With 100% of your effort sprint for 30 seconds, then walk for one minute. Keep doing this until you have performed your HIIT cardio session for 20-30 minutes!

After giving HIIT a try, tell us how you feel!

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