If you are looking for the fountain of youth, perhaps you’ll find it flowing inside the vessels within you. Some people who view this photo may instinctively say, “Wow”I hope I look that good at 76 years of age!! Why not impulsively just do it now? There are some people who would love to look this fit and have the kind of determination, dedication and discipline to be fit that Ernestine Shepherd has at any age!  It can be done and it’s no secret. The most powerful supplement you can take for your body to help slow down the aging process is Exercise! Exercise can slow, and even reverse, the most common signs of aging, such as muscle and bone loss, increased body fat, memory and cognitive decline, sluggish metabolism, heart and endocrine health issues, decreased libido, impaired immune system, and even depression. According to a study reported in www.arthritis.org, a study conducted with a group of 25 older men and women (average age of 70 years) resulted in a reversal of the genetic profile back to levels similar to those seen in the younger adults using resistance training which increased the group’s muscle strength. Before exercise training, the older adults were 59% weaker than a sample of younger adults; but after training, the strength of the older adults improved by about 50%, such that they were only 38% weaker than the young adults.

Ernestine Shepherd Staying Fit Despite Being 76!



Tons of studies and research have proven exercise will make you look good and feel good. Still doubt it? If you want proof of what exercise can do to delay the aging process, a study of more than 2,400 British twins showed that exercising preserves telomeres, the protective caps of the chromosomes that carry genes. Every time a cell divides, telomeres get shorter. When the telomeres are too short, the cell cannot divide anymore and dies, which causes aging to occur. However, those who exercised 100 minutes a week had telomeres that looked about five to six years younger than those who performed about 16 minutes or less of weekly exercise.