You just never know where love is hiding. Holding on to two passions in her life; her workout routine and her man,  Kecia Kelly found love in a place that she referred to as her sanctuary. Where? Of all places, the GYM!

She was a 35-year-old newly divorced mother of 2 sweet little boys. Although beautiful, courageous, and confident as a woman in her own right, she still felt very sad, ashamed and alone as a self-proclaimed divorce statistic.

“My first marriage had failed and here I was left alone to raise two little boys into men. I remember bracing myself for my life as a single mother. Surely, no one would want to be with me, she said.  “I did not feel like I deserved to be happy, ever again. In my mind, I was damaged goods.”

Spending her usual evening time in her sanctuary (gym) after having an extremely difficult day, along came a man who reminded her of something for that moment she really needed to hear.  “I just want you to know that I think you are beautiful,” he spoke softly as he briefly introduced himself and also respectful of her alone time, he continued on with his workout.

“Little did we both know that God had allowed our paths to cross. Little did we know that we both needed each other in our respective lives,” Kecia explained.  “Together, and by the grace of God, we saved each other from ourselves.”

Kecia found love doing something that she loved and in a place that she sought as refuge for clearing her mind. Sometimes exercising your thoughts and emotions is just as important as exercising your body. Today, Kecia says she is happy to celebrate 7 years with her best friend and the best workout partner you can ever have in the entire world–Bryan Kelly. Bryan not only chose to love and cherish her as his wife, he extended his love to her two little boys and vowed to help her raise them into the wonderful young men they will become one day. Kecia says proudly, “I could not have asked for a better husband, father, lover, and friend.”