From 215lb to 165! Her motivation was to be the best in professional, modern and hip-hop dance. Her challenge was the extra weight that held her back from booking the “big gigs.”

Dreama’s Before Photo
“I had to change it up, reveals Dreama Davidson, my workout regime consists of resistant training/heavy cardio…weights and power lifting with a lot stretching. I work out 5 days a week with 2 resting days spread out (on occasion I might do just cardio on a rest day).I switch my workouts up every four weeks so my body rarely gets use to any given routine.The step mill and the bike are my best friends!! Lol That’s when I saw the weight really fall off.I prepare my meals at the beginning of each week and drink a gallon of water a day.My snacks include …

Almonds, berries and egg whites. At first this whole transformation was to book more lucrative production work in film and overseas…now my fitness is my life and has proven to make me a more happier and positive person. If anyone is ever in need ,needs or will need my help I make it a point to always stop and give some type of advice because I can remember where I started. And you need all the encouragement you can get!”