How committed are you to your weight loss goals?  Use bwdw14 code at and find out for yourself! Latoria Wright-Clark is more than committed. After she had her second child at the age of 25, she was weighing in at 266lbs wearing a size 20w (on her way to size 22) and was taking high blood pressure medication.  She says… “That was my wake up call. Last year I started learning how to eat healthy doing research on how to read the nutritional labels which is very important in losing weight and portioning my meals.

I wanted to challenge myself this year and I ran my first 5k at the beginning of the year to date I have completed “5” 5Ks and I will be running my first 13.1mile (half marathon) in December. I’m always trying to challenge myself on reaching new goals and always trying to make progress. I now weigh in at 174lbs and I’m just 8lbs always from losing 100lbs, my workouts consist of weight training (which I feel some women tend to stray away from) but it works!! I love dancing, running, spinning which I plan on instructing next year.

I encourage anyone struggling with weight loss to just find a workout that you love, keep going, never give up, and give it all you got and as time passes by you will see the results.”

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Commitment Day is a national event to kick off a shared healthy way of life movement. On January 1, the Commitment Day 5k will mark the start of the first day to renew our lives. In 35 cities around the United States, thousands of participants will run, walk and roll as a proactive stand against poor health, inadequate nutrition, controllable disease and spiraling healthcare costs.

Commitment Day supports and celebrates individual human achievements and the passionate pursuit of greatness — one milestone at a time. After all, living healthier is easy. All it takes is commitment. Commitment Day. It is not a resolution. It’s a revolution of you.