Hello these are some pics of my beautiful wife April who just turned 40 April 13. These are from a contest she was in a month ago.

We have 6 kids total and 3 grandkids. She is a full time RN and devotes her time to our kids, our community, church and a wife. She started at a BF of 27% the first of Dec of 2014 and week of contest she was at 12.5% BF. She did this with a strict diet, weights and cardio. She also only spends about 90 min in the gym 4 days a week but she did increase her cardio to almost every day for 30 min about 3 or 4 weeks before the show. She got 2nd place. I body build. So having 2 people in the household on similar meal plans always helps. But what is remarkable about April is she still devotes time to other things plus she’s a very active mother, grandmother and wife.

– Joey

IG – StylishRN

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