Wendy Mends started her weight loss journey in January 2012, but only really committed 6 months of the year to it. She traded in an hour lunch break at work into an hour workout with a coworker who was finishing up her bootcamp  for additional motivation.

The two committed to working out together for 3 days a week regardless to how hard it was to stick with it. They used the parking lot at their job for running, challenges which she said that she could barely complete more than 500 feet without feeling like she wanted to pass out. But she kept pushing anyway. See her complete meal plan and workouts here…

She added bear crawls, frog jumps, duck walks, and burpees to her routine and was willing to attempt anything she thought would challenge her further.  After about  9 months of working out, she lost 22lbs but felt like she could have  gone further.

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Wendy then realized that not changing her diet could be the culprit so she started following a more strict meal plan to get the results she really wanted. She says, “I paid closer attention to what I was eating so I cut out, sodas, juices and worked on strictly drinking water.  I cut out fast foods,  I challenged myself to no breads, no potatoes, no rice, no pasta,  at one week at a time.”

Week 1: No carbs

Week 2: No meat (with the exception of fish, these were things I never in a million years believed I could do.)

Wendy added that for  the last 10 months,  she has taken over the work outs at her job. There are now a group of 9 women who work out 5 days a week who additionally complete different challenges throughout the day at their desk so that they don’t sit idly until their noon hour workout.

Wendy is now taking on a new fitness journey of maintaining her weight loss  and is using both the BWDW Meal Plan and Meal Plan Journals below: Click, download and print. See more EZ workouts , recipes and workouts with our EZ-Kick Start E-book….http://blackwomendoworkout.com/ebook-meals-and-workouts/

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