This holiday some couples will celebrate with a gift exchange, maybe even something that sparkles. Although diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, there are other ways to get your favorite girl’s heart racing that can easily become her new best friend. The gift of sharing in exercising challenges is a gift of caring especially when someone is sick or suffering from the side affects of a debilitating disease like diabetes. The square root gift of kindness can easily be as simple as being cared for by caring about someone else. Planning an exercise regimen for you and your partner may not seem romantic, but you’d be surprised. Experts say couples who work out together can reap a variety of benefits.

Lesa James became interested in the conversation regarding Black women and the obesity rate when she started losing weight with the full support of her husband. She has become very concerned about the obesity rate, breast cancer, heart disease and diabetes among black women.  “This is very dear to me, Lesa said. “I have lost several first cousins to each of these. What makes it even more sad is that they were all under 30.”

After changing her own life by losing  extra pounds, she got into the business of helping others do the same as a Zumba instructor. “Its the reason I open my studio, she explains.  “I myself have lost over 80 pounds so far. I wanted women to know you can change your lifestyle at any age and size.”  Zumba was her ticket to weight loss and now that she is a certified  Zumba instructor, she opened ‘A Sweet Life Dance Fitness’  in West Monroe, LA.  “We offer Zumba and line dance classes. We also have trainers that teach Tabata, circuit training and one-on- one training.”

Soon after going into business for herself, her concerns shifted and were not just limited to Black women, she was now dealing with an issue that hit close to home.

 It was discovered that her very own husband was diagnosed with  diabetes.

“A few years ago my husband was diagnosed with diabetes, she explained.  “I made him a promise that I would do whatever the doctor told him to do because I was headed in the same direction, she said. lesa james copy copyhe no longer needs insulin. We are continuing to fight and so far we have lost a total of 173 pounds. My advice to couples…pray and push! You can do this! Love yourselves to health! God bless!” Lesa James is hosting a FREE ZUMBA CLASS  for the BWDW members for Commitment Day. Join if you are in the Monroe, Louisiana area here…