Diamond Dixon of Warner Robins, GA was once carrying around a weighted feeling of depression due to both a job loss and property loss. “I was in a very dark place; I was drinking too much, partying too much and just plain miserable, she said. “It is amazing how one event in your life can change that around.” Her life began to change for the better once she embarked on a new journey defining the weight loss experience as a trip or expedition from one place to another. She did not just lose weight, she changed her life.The church that I attend in my town is huge on Health and Wellness, she explains.

“This particular day they were giving free A1c testing. I wasn’t going to do it because I was afraid but this lady at church kept badgering me about it so I went. As I entered the room my heart was beating rapidly because I knew what I had been putting my body through. Thankfully, the test came back fine. However, as I was leaving I was still very bothered by the fact that I was, bothered about taking the test,” she said.

This was the first day of her new transformational journey. After being turned down for a Biggest Loser contest at a local gym, she decided to stick around and join the gym after speaking to a lady named Faith “Gymfeen” Womack.

“She gave me just the encouragement I needed as we were talking by her simply saying, ‘it’s OK.’  Those words stuck with me each and every time I went to the gym,” she says.

Dixon began her workouts slow with about 20 minutes cardio exercises or a Zumba class. She then began experimenting with a Clean Eating lifestyle and soon became comfortable with a more intense cardio routine by averaging  5- 10 miles per day on elliptical, cross trainer, and/or treadmill) and she says…  “I SQUAT IT LIKE ITS HOT,” on a regular basis.

She also enjoys Yoga  and keeps positive people around her. She says working with wonderful Black female trainers who offer fitness tips on a regular basis also keeps her motivated.  She now focuses on eating more vegetables, fruit and lean proteins.  She has a mock meal to stay consistent with her eating of a 4 oz. piece of steamed salmon, cauliflower, rice, steamed green beans and is drinking more water.

“By no means do I want anyone to think that this journey hasn’t had it’s hills and valleys because it definitely has, Dixon explains. “I have friends that don’t have huge weight problems and can eat as they like but I had to realize that I can’t. I learned not to measure my life against theirs. Words are so powerful so I began to read positive quotes and scriptures to help me through each day. This may seem small but this is one of the best things I could’ve done to lose weight.”

She says she made her faith in God her number one priority and that the  journey isn’t just about her,  it’s about a part of  her life’s calling to help others that struggle as  she has.

“Once I learned how to love Diamond, she says, “then I learned how to love everyone else. My creativity has broadened because of my weight loss. I am a jewelry designer and I can see more confidence in my work now. I use to constantly second guess myself but now I know that I can do anything. Last, but finally and not least, is my FB group called #Teamweightloss. This group of people looks to me to motivate them but they truly help make me be better. My final advice to anyone is to learn yourself. Weight loss is not measured by a diet pill or time period but rather by your willpower and sustainability. It is better to work towards being healthy than just being skinny. Once I wrapped my mind around this the pounds began to shed.”

If you would like to see more of Diamon Dixon’s  journey please request her @Diamond D Dixon on Facebook and @ladydi31 on Instagram.