The rule of thumb thought is that a quickie workout anywhere from 20 to 45 minute cannot get you the muscle development you desire to help you burn more calories at rest. Not True!

If you are someone that is mostly on the run, here are a few more benefits for a “Quickie Workout” that will keep your heart rate elevated and will take you no longer than 40 minutes or so to do them. If you’re forced into working out less because of an off balance Life/Work Balance, don’t worry, it can actually work to your advantage!

Here’s a list of the BENEFITS of SHORT WORKOUTS.

  • Less time socializing and messsing around. You keep your heart rate elevated with consistent movements.
  • A plan is a necessity in short workouts, in longer routines, you tend to just make up things as you go along. A plan of action keeps you focused, on track and goal oriented.
  • There’s no time to lose intensity. Your quick workout forces you to listen to your body and keeps blood flow pumping to the muscles, you won’t have to worry about a  lazy last few minutes in your routine.
  • Burn less muscle. Your body uses muscle and proteins as an energy source, once it’s finished with the carbs in your system it moves to the next source. Having a quick, intense workout depletes your body of sugars, but doesn’t give your body enough time or length of fatigue to move onto the next source, your muscles.
  • You end on a high. You lift hard and heavy with the weights. Take a multi vitamin, and a shake with a 2-1 carbs to protein ratio within 15 minutes of completing your lift for the best results. Ending a workout with the blood still pumping allows the nutrients to go directly to the source.
  • Reduced resting periods.  When time is of the essense,  you are more than likely to increase the intensity of your routine. Getting it done quick means getting it done right!