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Hallema Sharif PR Professional

While there are more than just a few physical benefits of yoga, the benefit for how it helps a person manage stress, which has been known to have devastating effects on the body and mind, is typically the most sought after advantage. Most yoga sessions are comprised of breathing exercises, meditation, and assuming postures but for one woman in particular, the relaxation techniques incorporated in yoga reveals to be effective for reaching a more positive outlook on life.

Just coming off of her hour long yoga session of calming body awareness, meditation and follow through of a quick but yet relaxing shower,   Hallema Sharif then turns her mental clarity to her world of “Connecting Brands to Humanity.”  Hallema’s World www.hallemasworld.com begins with a new tactfully planned out day of helping clients distinguish their brand beyond the box, by sharing techniques that will allow them to strategically tailor programs to audiences important to their success.

Hallema Sharif’s Yoga Inspiration

Promoting  brands for humanity like BWDWO.com’s commitment to be innovative in making positive health advances for Black women using a variety of sport and athletic services as a main tool for social change; client-base diversity is also a paramount focus of her business. “I’m very passionate about helping the small business community, entrepreneurs, and start-up companies and am dedicated to helping them further grow their brand effectively” she says. Hallema also serves as the Executive Vice President Chief Communications Officer for Ultimaxx Health. She was originally contracted to provide PR services for their mission to develop innovative solutions to pressing public health problems, with a key emphasis on resolving the epidemic of prescription painkiller abuse and improving the general health and well-being of humanity“Naturally”. Due to her work ethic and diverse clientele, she was asked to join their corporate team within just a few months.

For  over 25 years of developing and executing marketing and public relations campaigns for leading corporations, Hallema’s World Owner, Hallema Sharif, created a business model  to embrace the challenges many small business owners face … And that is … struggling with establishing brand relevance and competing in the global marketplace. By tapping into the high demand of  marketing and  public relations services for small business who simply couldn’t afford the high cost she started “Pick My Brain for Your Brand©.” This program is tailored to help small business owners develop and execute awareness of their personal and/or business brand, as well as position themselves as thought leaders among select audiences.

The program provides services similar to those you will find from the bigger agencies, using her high profile client list, however minus the bigger cost…

 What the Pick My Brain for Your Brand© Program Includes:

  • Brand Differentiation
  • How to generate awareness
  • Becoming a Thought Leader and securing media placements with the press
  • Brand Relevance & Consistency
  • Effective Message Development
  • Identifying key target audiences
  • How to work with the Press and become a “Go to Source”
  • Leverage and Generating Money from Cross Marketing
  • Understanding Diversity and how to leverage effectively
  • Helpful Marketing, Media, and PR Resources
  • Promotional Compelling Writing Tips
  • How to effectively leverage and/or manage traditional & social media
  • Effective use of Event planning
  • Promoting your business to mass audiences to compete in the global marketplace
  • Securing and Maintaining Customers
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Networking
  • And much more

For more information, please contact Hallema Sharif at 646.535.2805, or email hallema@hallemasworld.com

We look forward to helping Brand Small Businesses across America and “Connecting Your Brand to Humanity!” ~