What continues to inspire me is my purpose in life. I have big goals and I want to be around to fulfill everyone and to do that I had to start taking care of my mind, body, and soul. I believe that everyone has a purpose and you need to have faith despite adversity and to do that you need to be in a constant state of preparation. For example I started off running on weekends in the morning just in my room. I couldn’t afford a gym membership or actual equipment and I was way to insecure to run in my neighborhood. During that time I was 20 and 230lbs just hoping to get rid of my asthma.
I would run a half a mile and be exhausted. I didn’t grow up informed on nutrition and health but I believed that the work I was putting in would yield some results. I then went on the Daniel fast with my church and only ate fruits and vegetables (no grains, sugars, meats, and only water, etch). I noticed it helped with my workouts and I felt better in my body. I have since became a Pescatarian (not meats expected fish and other seafood) and over the past 3 years I have lost 60lbs. I run at least a mile every other day and I participate in workout challenges such as the ones you post to help with strength training like the plank, squat, push up, and sit up challenges. I’m also preparing to run a marathon in October. My advice to others would be set a goal and know matter what anyone says if you have faith enough in your goal to prepare and sacrifice as if you already have it you will be unstoppable. Patience, preparation, and sacrifice. My Facebook is Lena Cheatham and you can also find me on instagram IG tha_LC_show. Check me out!