9 months ago I decided to change my life! I was overweight and miserable and has lost control of my body and my eating habits. I did a lot of research and immediately started to change my lifestyle. Since last year June I have managed to lose 45 lbs and 6 dress sizes. I love my high protein, low carb diet and exercise program. I still enjoy life but I make sure that I fuel my body with nutritious food and that I stay active. I almost gave up after one month because I didn’t see results but I am SO grateful that I kept going and stayed consistent I am so happy to have knowledge about my own body and what works for me. Never feel pressured to be a certain size, do what’s right for you and strive towards a better, healthier you! You can do it! I aspire to inspire others with my story! I’m not an expert or a fitness guru, just an ordinary woman on an extraordinary fitness journey!

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