Swing HIGH, swing low. But whatever you do, don’t sleep on a good cast-iron Kettlebell workout! If you’ve ever wanted to get creative with an exercise that can burn up to 300 calories and gain muscle-sculpting definition in just about 20 minutes, then pick some kettlebells and get to swingin’! If it sounds a little weird, then just think about swinging around a gallon of milk – the same weight as a beginner kettlebell – for about 30 minutes. It may sound pretty simple, but there are some techniques involved in the swinging and it is important to be trained properly on the bells for beginners.  See basic kettlebell steps below…
Step 1. Hold the kettlebell with two hands. The bell should be resting in front of your hips, at arm’s length.

Step 2. take an athletic stance. Your hips should be a few inches wider than your shoulders.

Step 3. Squat just low enough to start the bell swinging. Keep your head up and your eyes pointed straight ahead. Keep your lower back arched and push your hips back to initiate the squat.

Step 4. Thrust your hips forward to swing the bell up. Your chest should stay up throughout the swing. At no time should you use the strength of your arms to lift the bell. Keep your arms relaxed and allow the kettlebell to swing.

Step 5. Swing the bell up to eye level. You may need two or three swings to get the bell to eye level. This is normal. Allow the kettlebell to gain momentum gradually rather than forcing it with your arms.

Step 6. Squat to slow the bell. When you are through with your set, stop the swinging of the bell by absorbing the momentum of the downswing with your legs. Do this by squatting without reversing direction into the hip thrust. —