This BWDW beauty started her weight loss journey in February 2012. At 5 feet 1 she was carrying up to 249 pounds of weight and was ready to make a change for good! Feeling  uncomfortable in her clothes, tired of not being able to wear what she wanted,  and not having enough plus sizes styles in the clothes that she liked, she was fed up!

Her  first decision was to stop eating junk food, snacks and candy.  Although it was difficult, she stayed committed.

She says…”I had to tell myself if you want a change to happen, you have to make it happen.”

After seeing the results she wanted, she began to feel good about the work she was putting in and was looing forward to even more rewards.

Tia took control due to a number of reasons including the risk of health related diseases associated with obesity. When you are determined to live healthy you will automatically push yourself to go the extra mile for it. Your health is your first wealth and without it, limited mobility in life can ensue.

Tia explains, “I didn’t want to get any disease or health issues as a result of me being overweight. I had enough! I was determined to lose weight and get healthy. I signed up for weight watchers. I did the program for a for about five months. I got off track here and there. When July came I had a talk with myself. I had to tell myself if you want a change to happen, you have to make it happen. You have to stay focused on meeting the goals you desire. You have to stop playing around. That’s exactly what I did! My first decision was to stop eating junk food.

My Almighty Downfall is Snacks & Candy

candy graph3

The next was to stop drinking alcohol. I stopped for about two months. I was never a huge water drinker, but I made it my business to drink more each day. Now that’s all I drink when I get thirsty. I also cut back on pasta, potatoes, rice and breads. I started doing moderate exercise 30-45 minutes a day five days a week at home with various workout DVDs and Wii games.  I stayed consistent and the results made me smile. I started to challenge myself month after month to meets certain goals. As the time went by the journey became much easier for me. I now call it my lifestyle. I was introduced juicing/smoothies in the winter of 2012 and that became my winner! I started to see the pounds come off even more.  I stopped eating poultry and dairy products at the end of summer 2013. I opt for all of the alternatives. I try to avoid frying foods, when I do I use healthier cooking oils. I still eat fish on occasion. I fell in love with healthy living. I lost a total of 107 pounds to date. Now I just want to inspire everyone. I want to show them that staying consistent and positive can get you results.

My motto is get motivated, stay focused and be inspired!” ~Tia Love Light

What works for Tia may not work for everyone since we all are different and have different body compositions. Therefore, before you begin your own exercise routine, you should make sure that you understand the basic  facts about many of aspects of exercise, including cardio training, flexibility, and the role your diet plays in helping you reach you goals. Tia is now taking on a new fitness journey of maintaining her weight loss  and is using both the BWDW Meal Plan and Meal Plan Journals below: Click, for FREE to download and print your own.  Also see our EZ to do anytime and anywhere 4 week workout plan in and recipes with our EZ-Kick Start E-book….

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