My name is Kanethra and my instagram name is @Kardiok_kay. I started this fitness journey back in 2011. I had my highs and I had my lows but I never lost sight of my goals. My biggest success story was back in 2011 when I dropped from 250 to 169 in 7 months, I was at the gym so much they thought I was a personal trainer, lol. My new sexy body came with beautiful blessings, I found out I was 2 IMG_0814months pregnant June 2012. After baby I let myself get back up to 240. My at the time boyfriend decided to make things official and ask me to Marry Him! I quickly started my journey back because I was determined to get in the dress I wanted. I dropped back down to 180 for my wedding 12/30/2016! After wedding, happiness kicked in, lol. I started off 2018 notice clothes was starting to get a little tight again. I got on scale January 19 2018 and saw that I was back up to 199lbs. I then realized its time to hit reset and make a lifetime commitment to becoming healthy! I have changed the way I eat and exercise daily which lead me to my current results of 173lbs! I still have along way before I get to my goal of 155 and tone but trust, there’s  IMG_0016not stopping me this time! Latest pic me in blue shirt and black skirt!   IMG_0204