My mission is to lose the baby weight and to keep it off.  I am a 26 year old single parent with a beautiful and feisty two year old daughter. During my pregnancy I gained over 55 lbs. I have never been a petite person but before I was pregnant I weight 147 and the day I walked into the delivery room I was a whooping 205! I am still a little embarrassed to admit I gained that much weight. To add on to it, I was  banking on having a big baby which would give me a jump start on some of my weight loss, my baby girl weighed 5lb 15oz (but very healthy). So that meant I had 50 pounds that were all mine to get rid of.  Everyone tried to reassure me that since I was breastfeeding the weight would just go away….WRONG! Although it helped some, after I fed her I was really hungry! Sooooo, better diet and the gym it was. But then life got busy. I had already started to pursue my Master’s Degree when she was only 3 wks old and then I started working again when she was 8 wks old. I was at a stand still at 178 pounds. I was working out but not as frequent. Then life gets busier. Summer 2010 (6 months post pregnancy) I get a full-time job and continue to go to school full-time and was still breastfeeding!!!! I went to school Monday & Tuesday and worked Wednesday-Saturday and now was living by myself with just me and baby. I am from another city about 90miles South of Dallas so I did not have an abundance of family help. I bought a BOB of Craigslist and started walking with my baby girl. I also got over my gym day care jitters and started taking her with me! She loved it. September 2010 (9 months post baby) all the weight was gone. I initially had a crazy idea that my weight would be gone in 3 months like all the Hollywood stars we see, but it didn’t happen that way and a part of me really struggle with it. But happily I did it slow and steady and my weight has stayed off. I continue to work out, usually with baby girl in tow.
How did I do it? My Regimen…I do not have a set diet and with a busy schedule I always grab a shake in the morning. I use to skip which would leave me grabbing for anything by lunchtime. As for the gym I do cardio and lift weights. I love that I have a shape so I continue to tone so it starts there but with some muscle!

 Thanks you for stopping by. I hope my story will encourage you. If I can do it, you can too!

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