Let’s begin the holiday season I bring you fitness cheer. I hope everyone has a Thanksgiving. One thing that is very important during this time of year is maintaining our fitness. With all the egg nog, turkey and dressing it is easy to slack off and cheat a little bit. There ae still ways to keep yourself in shape while still being able to enjoy all of the festivities. One great tip that I recommend is going for a brisk walk in your neighborhood after eating. Activity is the greatest tool against fat during this time of the year and it’s important to stay active. As far as dieting: eat what you want to in moderation. it’s the holidays but you don’t have to over indulge. Below are some exercises you can do in quick sessions.


Quickie Sessions



Planks 3 x 20-30 seconds

Turkish get up with d

umbbell or kettle bell 3 on each side

Overhead kettle bell or dumbbell kneel to stands. 3 x 15 on each side

walking lounges 3 x 15

jump squats no weight


Combination of walk, jogging or sprints for 30 minutes

Crunches 3×20

Planks 3x 20-30 seconds


Seat squats

push up 3×20

jumping jacks 3×20

triceps dips 3×10

By Sunni Ewing


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