Are you ONLY doing cardio when you go to the gym? Or are you keeping it real with the weights? Some of our BWDW sisters  who are unfamiliar with the gym tend to think lifting heavy will turn them into the incredible HULK instead of the incredible HOTTIE! If you want to get lean and mean without the HULK appeal for green, shed body fat and tone up… then lifting heavy is the way to go! See more benefits of lifting heavy here…

TOP  Benefits of Lifting Heavy

Higher Metabolic Rate. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns even when you are not even thinking about it. More muscle equals more food and muscles LOVE calories so FEED them! You not only burn calories during your workout, but you will also be burning calories after your workout, when your body is rebuilding those muscle fibers.

Caloric Intake. In order to really look like a man, you probably need to start eating like one. Men consume a higher caloric diet than women in general! To make all of these “gains,” men require more food. Women would have to consume close to what men do, and even then we would most likely store it as fat because our estrogen levels are higher.

Estrogen Levels. Testosterone is the main hormone in charge of building muscle! However, women naturally have more estrogen and an NATURALLY a lower amount of testosterone. Men naturally produce a lot of testosterone, hence the easy muscle gains!

Keep it Tight, Keep it Right! Do you want to look tight and right? Or skinny and lumpy? Tightening up those natural curves comes from re-shaping your muscles by lifting those heavy weights! As you lift heavy, those tiny muscle fibers tear and repair building you some nice shapely muscles along with those sexy curves. So if you are looking to shape it up you have to LIFT IT UP!

Improved Functional Strength. Not only will lifting heavier give you strength, it will also help you with your day-to-day activities— carrying your groceries in, lifting heavier objects, and protecting you from hurting yourself.

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Sample Heavy Leg Day Workout

3×8 Smith Machine Squats
3×10 Deadlifts
3×10 Dumbbell Lunges
3×10 Leg Press

The goal is to warm up with a lighter weight at the beginning of each set. Increase your weight as you go. On the last number of the sets, you should ALMOST be at failure. Always be sure to have PROPER form; safety is first.

Improve Health and Strength

Lifting heavy will not only burn MORE fat than cardio does, it will also help improve your overall health and strength, and you will burn more calories throughout the whole day! Lifting heavy will not make you bulky; eating TOO much will make you bulky!

Be sure to keep track of your nutrition, as they go hand in hand. You can also add cardio in a few times a week— it’s a packaged deal for fat loss!