One of the biggest questions African American women have in regards to working out. How to tame our HAIR!!! We understand getting fit and have a fresh do are typically very hard. We have researched a few tips to help our lovely BWDWO ladies along the way.


  1. Use a dry shampoo. Prior to working out spray your scalp with a dry shampoo. This will help keep your scalp sweat from frizzing up your lovely tresses.
  2. Wrap your hair. Use a silk wrap to keep your hair taut and in place. After you have completed your workout wait until you have cooled down to unwrap your hair.
  3. If you are bold enough, workout in your rollers! Yep, rollers have enough pressure to keep your roots and ends from frizzing up.
  4. If you have a fresh do it is now a great time to strength train. Strength training allows you a great workout and you will lower your risk of sweating around your hairline.
  5. If you prefer straight hair, try a Brazilian blow out. Although they can be pricey, around $200, a Brazilian blowout is a keratin treatment that will leave your hair silky straight for about 3 months!


So those are our tips and tricks! Don’t let you your “do” hinder your workout progress! And just in case you haven’t thought about it, give natural hair a try. Not only are natural coils awesome but they are gym friendly!

Take care BWDWO Sisters