Two years ago around Thanksgiving, I made the decision to have lap band surgery. I was 289 pounds and although I didn’t have any major health concerns, I knew it was inevitable if I did not get my weight back down to my normal weight before my mom passed. I am not sure what sparked my epiphany. I like to think God spoke to me and made me realize that surgery was not the best option for me. I needed to MOVE and STOP EATING SO MUCH. God also helped me to realize that I lost two parents at very young ages (Father at 51 and Mother at 63) due to preventable health reasons and I needed to be more proactive with my health.
After God spoke to me, just like that, I cancelled my lap band surgery and I started running on December 14, 2011, the day after I was scheduled to have my lap band surgery. I have been seriously focusing on my health ever since.

I didn’t take many photos at 289 pounds, because I was ashamed. The photo on the left was me at 289 pounds. The photo on the right is me at 238 pounds (51 pounds lost). The photo on the right was at my Jeff Galloway half marathon training group end of year dinner.They told us to wear all the race medals that we won in 2013 and I had on SEVEN. :-) I still have a little more to go, but I am celebrating and thanking God for how far I have come. It didn’t happen overnight. It took two years. I didn’t starve myself or do fad dieting, I am doing it the old fashioned way…exercise, clean eating, moderation, and drinking lots of water.

Here is my story and photo. Perhaps it will inspire others.


Cassandra Caldwell