Our 49-year-old First Lady, Michelle Obama appearance last year on the Biggest Losers show hosted at the White House was part of the ‘Let’s Move!’ initiative, a program helping U.S. children to lead a healthier lifestyle. She told the cameras before taking to the floor: ‘I don’t know if I’m ready for a workout, but I will make a complete fool out of myself if it means that more children and families get excited about that idea of incorporating nutrition and fitness into their lives.’ Our First Lady is not above getting on the floor for a good sweat. As a health advocate for America, she practices what she preaches and proves time-and-time again that she is exceptionally fit, with great posture and strength in each push-up, burpee, and plank.  She knows that This isometric exercise will  help tighten your core, helps strengthen  your midsection, upper-body and lower-body muscles.  Planks also strengthen the inner core muscles that support your joints. Try this for 3 minutes with one leg extended outward and upward and Plank You Very Much for joining us!