You have been giving it your absolute ALL and then all of a sudden your body STOPS making progress! Why? You have reached a plateau.

So Why Do You Reach A Plateau?

First, plateaus are very common.  A plateau occurs when your body becomes accustom to the stresses you place on it throughout your training regimen. If you are lacking in strategic modifications in your training program and/or nutrition plan you may experience a plateau.

How Do I Get Past a Plateau?

Can you get past a plateau? Absolutely! Rev up your intensity by adding intervals to your cardio workouts or strength training circuits. Try to rev up the intensity at least two to three times a week. Your brain and muscles will be pushed out of cruise control and your body with start burning more stored calories.

Also, take a rest day! If you are exercising to hard or two often you may be over training. Taking a recovery day (or even an entire week) will give your body a chance to repair itself. If you are on a long term plan to lose weight or tone try to add a recovery day (or week) every 6-8 weeks. You will return to the gym stronger and refreshed!