Everyone can use a little tip to help keep you on track with your fitness goals, here are just some that we think can help you daily.

Start your day with a glass of water. As soon as you wake up, have a glass of cool water.  It’s a refreshing way to start you day off on the right foot.  Plus, that’s one less glass to drink throughout your day.  A glass of water lets your digestive system get going, and boosts your kidneys to flush toxins more readily, including excess fats.  You may have your morning cup of coffee or tea, but have it after this glass of water.   Before you know it, you’ll want water upon waking before even thinking about it.

Try to stick to black coffee/tea. Black coffee or tea can actually be good for you. They contain natural metabolism boosters and can be beneficial in weight loss.  I personally drink both and often alternate between the two from time to time, and even try different types of teas.  The caffeine is what most of us use to get going in the morning, and it also helps to increase fat burning throughout the day, but that is when used with little to no other additives.  Adding sugar and/or cream may be preferred for taste, but nearly cancels out the benefits when used.  Cream is usually high in fat, and well, you know extra sugar is not the way we want to go.  Try adding cinnamon or nutmeg to coffee, lemon or ginger to tea, and/or use a sugar substitute until you gradually enjoy drinking them as is.

Keep food prep simple.  Stay away from fried foods.  Fried things are an absolute no-no. It seems like a no-brainer to not fry your foods, but to some, they don’t know how to eat some foods any other way.  Trying new ideas and recipes are important when developing healthy habits.  We all have favorites, but learn to replace not so healthy recipes or ingredients with better choices by switching dishes all together.  Try to do as little to your foods as possible: Broil meats instead of battering them, steam veggies instead of creaming them.  Use more spices and less sauces.  By opting for less frying and using less sauces, you will decrease your overall calories…and you could possibly have healthy second helping:-)

Share dessert to control that sweet tooth.  You don’t always have to pass on a treat, that is within reason.  If you have been following your exercise routine, and diet plan regularly, it is alright to reward yourself.  It is when we are continuously deprived that we tend to overindulge.  It is natural that we have cravings for sweet things, especially chocolates and pastries.  Many of us grew up with something sweet always ready to eat on the kitchen table, and old habits die hard;-)  Just remember this is a reward, not a reason to restart.  Go easy on theses things.  Each time you have that something sweet understand you will have to account for that later in your day/week.  You will only gain better habits by making better choices, and since few will eat dessert alone, offer to split it with someone.

Get some rest.  You are eating right and exercising more often, so your body needs ample time to recover-to do all of the things necessary to repair muscles, properly utilize nutrients, and rid wastes.  If you do not give yourself enough time to rest, your body isn’t prepared to perform all of the healthy activities let alone, the kids, the commute to/from work, and all of the other daily stress we all consistently endure.   I’m not saying everyone needs 8-10 hours nightly.  Not only is that not realistic, but generally unnecessary because most people actually need between 5-7 hours, provided you are not sick or injured.  When you are rested, you are better prepared mentally as well as physically to make healthy choices, manage stressors, and maintain exercise regiments.

These are just a few tips to use as small changes to your daily/weekly routine.  Living a healthy lifestyle starts with small changes that make a big impact over time.  Be patient with yourself and diligent in your habit-forming.  The small changes made over time are often the ones that stick:-)

Sabrina Nicole
Sabrina Nicole is a BWDW Staff Writer and an IFBB Bikini Pro at IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor and Fitness Model and Owner/Partner at WorldVentures who studied Pre-Med Biology/Chemistry at McMurry University