She lost weight and started her own fitness studio! This amazing story by Rotunda Mobley will have you in tears. She has been a long time supporter of our facebook page dating back to 2009 and she is still doing her thing. Read how she said bye-bye to 329lbs!

By Rotunda Mobly:

The was a  time when I was weighting 329lbs. With that weight, everything came with that package, of course borderline to becoming a diabetic, high blood pressure, back problem, breathing problem, and obesity. My doctor said and named it all. Every time I would visit the Doctor’s office, and looked at my folder the word Obese would just jump right off the folder, just as big as day. Then one day I decided that enough is enough, just like the rest of us, we take a day and examine ourselves. But this time I really did. I stood in front of the mirror, and said ok, no more looking at my cute face, I’m going to travel from the neck on down this time. Hardly did I do that because I know how big I was. Not only did I travel from the neck on down, But I did it with no clothes on. (Oh My Goodness) I was going below and behind.

As I was looking at myself, touching my stomach, turning side-to-side, looking at the rolls, my eyes started to fill. I know this was not me and that I can be better than this. Realizing how I looked, most of all how I felt, I know that there has to be a change and it had to start with me, NOW!!

For those who are reading my letter. Allow me to say, I have tried everything, and I’m sure you have also. Looking at myself in the mirror made me see that no DIE -it worked for me. That is when I realized that it was the DIE-it, I was Dying. The word DIE was in what I was doing all the while. I was dying to try and keep up with the entire new program, trying my best to eat right, but eating the wrong foods. IT WAS KILLING ME!! And I was not happy. As I’m writing this letter, I’m reflecting back and understanding that I was simply MISERABLE.

I decided to start to live, change what I was doing to Live a great life, do great thing. I needed to LIVE, so I started a LIVE-it. Needless to say, I took a nutrition class and learned how to eat. That was a start of a new me. I collaborated exercising and lifting and my daily routine, now I am living it, oppose to dying.

Truly, I can go on and on but the life changes in my life (Praise God), but I’m going to stop here, and leave you with this.  If you want the change, I mean truly want it. You can get it, because it’s there to be gotten.  Start your LIVE-IT Now!!! With Love Ro. Routnda (RoRo) Mobley.
ro in swimsuit

Designing Bodies By Ro  is an All inclusive Weight Management Boot Camp that focuses on not only the exercise science behind gaining optimal health also includes clear, understandable, do-it-yourself guidelines on how to EAT CLEAN until you are LEAN. You get…

Interval Group Exercise

Indoor/Outdoor Training

Meal Plan

And the consistent support and guidance to get you to your goal! (You can get it, because it’s there to be gotten- Ro)

Located at Prince George’s Sports and Learning Complex 8001 Sheriff Road , Landover, Maryland 20785

Price Range

$$$ (30-50)

Hours Mon – Thu: 10:00 am – 11:00 am, 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm