Hello friends. My name is Cook E. Monsieur and this is my testimony!

 I’m a recovering “Cookie Addict.” This photo was taken of me during the beginning of my 12 step rehab program when I did not realize the power that I had given to my addiction. I was lost and would spend most of my days and nights on the corner of Main and Sesame Street hustlin’ for a chocolate chip fix…“Me Want Cookie, Me Eat Cookie”…how embarrassing…!   Not only was I slowly losing my mind, but Cookies made me feel crummy and took toll on my appearance by packing on extra pounds. I stayed angry and behaved like a mad animal or even worse, a salivating “cookie monster” shufflin’ cookies in my mouth like there was no tomorrow. I’d start off with just one, then three and before I knew it, I had devoured a box or batch of a dozen or so Cookies and all its glory of calories, sugar and fat! Something had to give. I finally came to my senses when I ran into an old friend who was dealing with the same addiction. Grouchy, bitter and suffering from diabetes he was still eating Cookies. He begged me to get some help. His name was Oscar and he was living in a garbage can.