Can A Divorce Help Your Diet? According to Cynthia Sass, nationally known nutrition and health expert, one of the primary causes for post-divorce weight loss has to do with the absence of something. “Often, women who divorce lose the ravenous appetite that the marital stress caused. After that difficult chapter of their lives is behind them, they often lose their cravings. That positive change can jump-start a health kick that prompts them to improve their diets and work out more, especially if they intend to start dating.”

DeeDee SoSerious Banks Hammet says that her impending divorce was the catalyst to her weight loss! Going from 210 lbs. to 142, by keeping the faith and staying positive she was able to run her first 5k in 32 minutes! Dee Dee says…”I started losing when I started going through my divorce which is still pending. It became my motivation each time I worked out by walking, running, weight training, and boot camp. I even stepped out on faith and ran my first 5K in 32 min. I also cut out sweets for at least 6 months now my body goes into shock if I eat to many bad foods. I’m so excited that I have looked into enrolling at GA State University for Exercise Science. This will help me to encourage and motivate others to know all bad things are not bad things just life lessons!”