Ms. Buffie Carruth has not always had the voluptuous body she has come to love; she had a small frame weighing a mere 119 pounds before deciding to put on the extra weight she wanted to shape the body that she desired.   In our conversation with her,  she shares her tips with Black Women Do Workout for shaping and building a better  backside you can be proud of even with extra weight gain! As alternatives for a deep squat routine, Ms. Carruth uses workouts that includes hip extension, lunges, sit-ups, step-ups  and quadruped hip extensions. With measurements like …Chest:  37,  Waist: 31.5,  Hips: 46; Height: 5’7 Weight: 171lbs she stays tone and fit while keeping her svelte and “curvalicious” figure. Here are a few of her personal  tips to gaining, shaping and embracing those curves you  have always wanted !  Ms. Carruth Says…

Pay attention to your body.

  • Learn what exercises are best for you and your body type (Ms. Carruth states that it is difficult for her to do squats because of her lordosis swayback).
  • Your posture is very important.  Learn how to properly lift before adding any weight.
  • Change up your acute variables (weight, intensity)
  • Maintain a slow tempo and lift with more weight and lower reps.
  • Increase your weight gradually every 4/6 wks.
  • Don’t expect change overnight give it 4-8wks to start seeing results.

You can find more tips and tricks on her website