There’s a soft spot in me for anyone looking to transform their life – especially moms. Most of us are desperate to bounce back into shape after having our baby. The process of giving birth & the journey afterwards takes just about everything but our soul – including time, self-worth, self-confidence, sleep etc.  Fortunately, our bodies are so unbelievably amazing to do what they can, along w/everything else on our plate.
We have babies looking to us for nurturing & our partner still in need of us to uplift & encourage them. This is all while we’re continuing to bleed out, heal from stitches, pull through postpartum depression & rush back to work to pull our own weight at home. Let us get sick for just a day; the entire house may fall apart.
Motherhood forces women to question how the hell they could ever actually lose all the weight too. But what I’ve learned is that it has a lot to do w/the fact that we are bettering ourselves- it’s much easier to take careof everyone else. We don’t realize that our bodies are already AMAZING! We can push it to do exactly what we want it to; we already have by sacrificing what we WANT for what our family NEEDS everyday.
The moment we decide, commit & trust the process is when we uncover who we’ve been the entire time. 💡 #fitmoms #strongmoms #womenempowerment

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 My name is Kanethra and my instagram name is @Kardiok_kay. I started this fitness journey back in 2011. I had my highs and I had my lows but I never lost sight of my goals. My biggest success story was back in 2011 when I dropped from 250 to 169 in 7 months, I was at the gym so much they thought I was a personal trainer, lol. My new sexy body came with beautiful blessings, I found out I was 2 IMG_0814months pregnant June 2012. After baby I let myself get back up to 240. My at the time boyfriend decided to make things official and ask me to Marry Him! I quickly started my journey back because I was determined to get in the dress I wanted. I dropped back down to 180 for my wedding 12/30/2016! After wedding, happiness kicked in, lol. I started off 2018 notice clothes was starting to get a little tight again. I got on scale January 19 2018 and saw that I was back up to 199lbs. I then realized its time to hit reset and make a lifetime commitment to becoming healthy! I have changed the way I eat and exercise daily which lead me to my current results of 173lbs! I still have along way before I get to my goal of 155 and tone but trust, there’s  IMG_0016not stopping me this time! Latest pic me in blue shirt and black skirt!   IMG_0204


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Hi my name is Dominique, I’m 23 years old. I just would like to share my weight loss story.
I have always been heavy my whole life, I was teased through high school and I didn’t have the best self esteem. I decided to make a New Years resolution in 2014 to lose weight and be healthier I did that for 4 months or so and quit. I didn’t know where to actually start. I ended up getting a new job and my boss was hosting a challenge for her birthday. She wanted to lose 30 pounds before her 30th birthday. I was asked to join, I had given up before so I didn’t really want to. I stepped on the scale and it read 297 pounds. I was shocked and embarrassed! So I signed up for the challenge. I went full force they told me about myfitnesspal and I tracked all of my food. I ended up losing 31 pounds and won the challenge. I seen the results and I wanted more!! So I went to my local gym and signed up for a personal trainer. I trained with him once a week and was required to do 3 extra days alone by myself. I had a goal to lose 100 pounds in that year I did it!!! So all in all I lost 122 pounds and I’m so happy about my results so far. I have kept the weight off for almost a year now. I’m now focused on keeping the weight off and getting my NASM certification as a personal trainer. My advice to anyone who wants to do this is never give up keep pushing. image1


My name is Lenise Jay and I’m a 30 year old aerialist, personal trainer, and group fitness manager in Los Angeles, California. I’m originally from Dallas, Tx. I had no idea when I took a job selling gym memberships, that it would change my life forever. I have a bachelors from the university of Texas at Arlington in business, communications, and health. You wouldn’t be able to tell at first glance that I have had a miscarriage, been assaulted, car towed, have hit two people in my car, almost homeless, multiple parking tickets, landed my dream job, got my dream car, worked in Hollywood in fitness, been on the Jay Leno show, danced in Canada, and much more. I could go on about my life and it is truly a lifetime story! I have been blessed to encourage and motivate people to live healthier lifestyles and have fun while doing it! God has blessed me so much, and I fight through everything! There is no excuse for not staying healthy and in shape. Now I work in corporate fitness, and have my own fitness company called Body RoQ Fitness. This is only the beginning and I’m just excited about the journey. Thank you for sharing my picture on your page and continue to be an inspiration to girls who don’t believe it can’t be done?


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Let’s begin the holiday season I bring you fitness cheer. I hope everyone has a Thanksgiving. One thing that is very important during this time of year is maintaining our fitness. With all the egg nog, turkey and dressing it is easy to slack off and cheat a little bit. There ae still ways to keep yourself in shape while still being able to enjoy all of the festivities. One great tip that I recommend is going for a brisk walk in your neighborhood after eating. Activity is the greatest tool against fat during this time of the year and it’s important to stay active. As far as dieting: eat what you want to in moderation. it’s the holidays but you don’t have to over indulge. Below are some exercises you can do in quick sessions.


Quickie Sessions



Planks 3 x 20-30 seconds

Turkish get up with d

umbbell or kettle bell 3 on each side

Overhead kettle bell or dumbbell kneel to stands. 3 x 15 on each side

walking lounges 3 x 15

jump squats no weight


Combination of walk, jogging or sprints for 30 minutes

Crunches 3×20

Planks 3x 20-30 seconds


Seat squats

push up 3×20

jumping jacks 3×20

triceps dips 3×10

By Sunni Ewing


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