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Crystal Adell is the Creator and Founder of BWDWO.com
Jontae Before and After
My mission is to lose the baby weight and to keep it off.  I am a 26 year old single parent with a beautiful and feisty two year old daughter. During my pregnancy I gained over 55 lbs. I have never been a petite person but before I was pregnant I weight 147 and the day I walked into the delivery room I was a whooping 205! I am still a little embarrassed to admit I gained that much weight. To add on to it, I wasYour Read More Link Text
cookie monster

Hello friends. My name is Cook E. Monsieur and this is my testimony!

 I’m a recovering “Cookie Addict.” This photo was taken of me during the beginning of my 12 step rehab program when I did not realize the power that I had given to my addiction. I was lost and would spend most of my days and nights on the corner of Main and Sesame Street hustlin’ for a chocolate chip fix…“Me Want Cookie, Me Eat Cookie”…how embarrassing…!   Not only was I slowly losing my mind, but Cookies made me feel crummy and took toll on my appearance by packing on extra pounds. I stayed angry and behaved like a mad animal or even worse, a salivating “cookie monster” shufflin’ cookies in my mouth like there was no tomorrow. I’d start off Your Read More Link Text
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The rule of thumb thought is that a quickie workout anywhere from 20 to 45 minute cannot get you the muscle development you desire to help you burn more calories at rest. Not True!

If you are someone that is mostly on the run, here are a few more benefits for a “Quickie Workout” that will keep your heart rate elevated and will take you no longer than 40 minutes or so to do them. If you’re forced into working out less because of an off balance Life/Work Balance, don’t worry, it can actually work to your advantage!

Here’s a list of the BENEFITS of SHORT WORKOUTS.Your Read More Link Text

Some of the most frequently asked questions on BWDW are regarding the ABS after a C-Section or or how to get rid of a “poochie” looking stomach.  Many women who give birth via C-section are caught off guard after delivery with their new abdominal “skin maze”—the dreaded pooch, scar tissue and in some cases lumpiness. But never fret or give up hope because there is an answer and the Abs Doc Egean Collins has the Solution for how to significantly improve that particularly stubborn area. After having your stomach area stretched from it normal configuration for  nine months, it will take some work on your part. The key is an improved diet and complete lifestyle change (usually six to eight weeks) once you get the green light from your medical Doctor to start exercises. Your Read More Link Text