Could this be you? Rather than pass judgement, Chocolate lovers stand up, UNITE and pass the chocolate! There is nothing wrong with a little chocolate every now and then but some of you are taking it a little too far. There are some cues that may indicate a mighty affection for the dark or milky chocolate confection but we may be able to spot out other suspicious behaviors you may not yet recognized as an issue.
– If you imagine seeing yourself in every piece of chocolate you eat, then you are a chocoholic.
-If you eat death by chocolate cake with double chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips frosting with a side scoop of fudge, then you are a chocoholic.
-If you ate the chocolate bars you needed to make the smores you planned to make out of two brownies served with chocolate ice cream and chocolate topping,  but then you also sucked all the chocolate topping out of the bottle before putting it on the ice cream, then you are a chocoholic.

-If you make brownies with the Hershey’s chocolate syrup package three time a week then add ½ cup of Nestles chocolate syrup, plus peal the wrappers off thirty-two Hershey’s chocolate kisses to dot strategically in the cake pan and ate the remaining 29 kisses left in the bag while it’s baking, then you are a chocoholic.
-If you buy the entire box of chocolates on sale at the bank teller window for a local school, ask for the name of the student selling the chocolate, then stalk that student and are arrested for stalking a student, then you are a chocoholic.
-If you wear silk boxers with a Godiva chocolate tank top while programming your personal cell phone ring manually to play “N E S T L E S nestles makes the very best CHOC LATE.” Then you are a chocoholic.
You want to lick this post or are inspired by some of these ideas, then you are a chocoholic.