My name is Anyce and I’ve struggled with being obese all my life. Since I can remember, I’ve always been taller and heavier than my classmates and friends. Although I never let it bother me to the point I hated myself, I didn’t participate in the simple things young girls did because of my size. For example, the one thing I always wanted to do was shop with my friends in the mall.  I always had to go separately because “normal” stores didn’t carry my size. Things became worst when I was turned down for a volleyball team in 9th grade, that shattered my world and the pounds started coming.  I didn’t want to play any other sport. As the years passed I gained over 150lbs! Instead of me doing something about it I simply embraced my extra curves and loved me no matter what.

I was an emotional eater and a closet eater. I ate my emotions and didn’t tell people how I felt. I ate the pain away and kept a smile on my face to hide the pain. At some of my lowest times I can remember buying a bucket of chicken from KFC, a 7 piece and almost finishing the whole thing, then going home saying I didn’t eat. Late night runs to Burger King with my brother and cousin who were physically fit both played sports didn’t help. I also loved onion garlic potato chips and could eat a bag a day. So, it’s safe to say nutrition was the last thing on my mind.

In February of 2008 I tried to have the lap band surgery because I just wanted to be “normal” for once but it was unsuccessful because I had an enlarged liver (1st stages to developing NASH) due to eating unhealthy. I began to lose a lot of blood so my surgeon decided to abort and no surgery for me but I wear the scars of that depressing day. Depression started and I became severely obese. By this time, I was about 380 pounds and still NOT ashamed of who I was (or so I thought). I even did Plus Size modeling at my heaviest weight! Certain pictures from different angles I didn’t like because I was so heavy (but now when I look back, I actually like many angles of me).

It wasn’t until 2012 that my life changed and everyday things became a struggle. I noticed I had NO energy, I was always tired but it was more than normal. My menstrual cycle never came on time. I would be happy it didn’t come because when it did I would be so moody and crave sweets all day, I wouldn’t want to be near myself. I would attempt to workout with my good friend but find any excuse not to and go back to bed. October 24th of that year I found out I was pregnant, BUT I was due any day give or take.  No more than 4 WEEKS notice. I gave birth to what I call my angel on earth, a baby girl on November 8th, 2012. Absolutely no birth defects and completely healthy, THANK GOD! That’s when I could confidently say GOD IS REAL! My life completely changed, I was NOW 100% responsible for another human being that could not fend for themselves and they depended on ME.

So January 2013, I sought out professional help from my doctor and he referred me to a nutritionist and I saw her monthly. We tackled my eating.  On May 1, 2014, I weighed in at 421 pounds, my ultimate heaviest. I then went on a supervised drastic diet. I only ate the following food groups for three months; protein, fiber and vegetables! That’s right no fruits or carbohydrates. I also used Body by Vi to help with my weight loss. We wanted drastic results fast as my daughter was getting older and who would be able to run after her and keep her safe if I remained the same tired self?!  I did it cold turkey (well I prepared myself mentally) by any means necessary!!! I can say that I lost 97 lbs in 90 days.

Since then I’ve learned how to deal with emotions, for the most part I don’t eat my emotions. I’ve learned about nutrition and the purpose off all food groups. We need them all in moderation. I workout about 5 days a week.  My workouts consists of calisthenics training, weights and cardio. I’ve learned you need ALL 3 to be successful with transforming. I’ve become more active with friends and I currently can do ANYTHING with my now 1 1/2 year old. The best feeling in the world.


Do the work!!!