Hello my name is Alegria Monique, I and 25 year old from La Marque, Texas and I run a new lifestyle page called Le Brown Girl.  Here’s my story. My whole life I have yo yo-ed. I grew up a curvy girl and began dieting in 2nd grade.  I have tried ever type of weightless fad imaginable only to achieve my weight loss goals then gain it all plus more back.  My excuse has been my inconsistency.  As a traveling banker, my job requires me to fly from city to city then while in town I attend one business lunch after another. Overtime this took a huge toll on my body.  To add even more stress to an already hectic schedule, I decided to purchase my first home in September of 2013 and begin to not only travel from place to place during work but after hours I was hoping from house viewing to house viewing. I would go a whole day without eating then binge when I arrived home late at night.  Through much of 2014, I allowed my work schedule and home renovations to be an excuse for not taking better care of myself. Then, in October of 2014 I was getting dressed and finally noticed the change of my appearance and decided to get on a scale. At 4’11 I allowed myself to get to a whopping 175 lbs. That same day I joined a new gym (though I had already been paying for another gym membership well over a year) and started to take cycling classes 3 times a week.  It started off rocky mainly because of again my busy schedule and my lack of energy.  Then my father passed away November 30 at the age of 50.  It was one hell of an eye opener.  As I prepared for my fathers funeral arrangements yet again I allowed my workouts to go out of the window. The on December 26 I started to research Paleo diet.  I know right, yet another diet. A fire was set in me to become the best version of myself. I needed to get my self-confidence back!  I did the Paleo diet for 30 days (cheating some meals in between).

Alegria’s after picture is the result of her staying consistent with the Paleo diet! photo+2(2)