More proof that you Absolutely can get Abs-So-Tightly Right! Just check out the results of our beautiful BWDW Sister Sheila Aziza who says…”the  Black Women Do Workout AbsSo-Tightly-Challenge worked for me. The last pic is the results I had from the last ab challenge so imagine what your abs would look like if you get started now with this challenge and add clean eating add plenty of water to it! It’s been almost 4years for me going from 191pounds to living a healthier lifestyle. I use to eat all the wrong things. no exercise, no vitamins, little water, no self love, and just plain ole unhappy was where I use to be with my health. That all changed in 2010. I got off my behind. It was time for a change.  Change I did make happen. My experience with Living a unhealthy lifestyle = bad skin, health issues (asthma), depression, getting wind after a flight of stairs, etc. Now that I changed it!!! Well you see the change! 2009- 191pounds, 2011- 146pounds, 2013- 145pounds.” See challenge

24 day ab challenge with logo copy

You can start anytime you want! Included in this challenge, we will EAT CLEAN for 24 days since we all know that abs are made in the kitchen. If you can eat clean six times a week you can allow yourself one cheat meal per week and not to be confused with a cheat day. That means, no sneak cheat snacks, no alcohol or sugary drinks (only on your cheat meal), no processed foods, only lean cuts of meat, and indulge in food that is as close to its natural state as possible.

Step 1. Start from the first column where it says “6 days” and move downward.

Step 2. Do all boxes without stopping for each day.

Step 3. Move to the next column where it says “12 days!”

Step 4. Do each box 1 per each day without stopping for each day then move to the next column, and so on…


Post your daily report to us here on  including questions, struggles and triumphs. It may also be wise to take a before and after photo of yourself with your phone and/or measurement this way you can see your personal accomplishments daily as you take the challenge. This is only for 24 days so let’s get it BWDW! —