Sunni Ewing WinningAs a mother or wife, women put everything first before their health. Whether its children, marriage or career we usually invest in ourselves last. As we get older our bodies go through huge changes. Metabolism slows down, our waistline adds a few inches and gravity becomes our everyday nemesis. We want to exercise but find it hard to find the mindset and consistency. However the longer you wait, the more work you have to do.


One tip to remember is that where there is consistency there are results. So with our busy schedules, we have to find time for our healthy lifestyle. We only have one body, so we must take care of it physically and nutritionally. As a personal trainer, I always tell my clients: Your diet and training must be in line with your goals.


Depending on what look we want, certain exercises are very important, while others not so much. Some of us want to be toned and have a slimmer look with our bodies. For these results cardio is very important. Thirty minutes a day of some cardio is a great start for your cardio. Now remember it’s not about how hard you train, but about consistency. So don’t be worried about how fast you are running, but just being able to start and finish. For us girls that want to build a little muscle, mass-protein is the main source of building muscle. Eating things with high protein, low carbs is the place to start. Cardio is not as important as weight lifting with reps you want to do heavier weight less reps to be able to really put on the extra muscle. The longer your days are spread out without training, the longer it with take to see results. I advise anyone who is about to begin a rigorous training regime to seek the advice of a nutritionist and personal trainer. We are all different and affected differently with our exercises.


Read your labels!! What goes in your body is so important for how it will respond to exercise. When possible avoid processed and refined foods like white flour, bread and pasta. I suggest you prep your meals for the day or week for better convenience and to resist the urge for an unhealthy snack. If you are going to eat, try things like whole grain or other complex carbs.

Clean Eats

Clean eats does a body good. Consuming food is its most natural state in better for you. Clean eats is more of a lifestyle than a diet, but it does a body god and the effects last; longer over time.

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