There’s a soft spot in me for anyone looking to transform their life – especially moms. Most of us are desperate to bounce back into shape after having our baby. The process of giving birth & the journey afterwards takes just about everything but our soul – including time, self-worth, self-confidence, sleep etc.  Fortunately, our bodies are so unbelievably amazing to do what they can, along w/everything else on our plate.
We have babies looking to us for nurturing & our partner still in need of us to uplift & encourage them. This is all while we’re continuing to bleed out, heal from stitches, pull through postpartum depression & rush back to work to pull our own weight at home. Let us get sick for just a day; the entire house may fall apart.
Motherhood forces women to question how the hell they could ever actually lose all the weight too. But what I’ve learned is that it has a lot to do w/the fact that we are bettering ourselves- it’s much easier to take careof everyone else. We don’t realize that our bodies are already AMAZING! We can push it to do exactly what we want it to; we already have by sacrificing what we WANT for what our family NEEDS everyday.
The moment we decide, commit & trust the process is when we uncover who we’ve been the entire time. 💡 #fitmoms #strongmoms #womenempowerment

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