Interested in trying out Zumba? Our BWDW Zumba Devotees got a killer workout with fitness extraordinaire Lynn Carter during our Zumba Fest with infectious Latin, Raggaeton and R&B beats that keep the heart rate elevated entirely! If you are not familiar with consistent and upbeat temple cadence of dancehall Latin beats,  Raggaeton is  an urban form of music which has its roots in Latin and Caribbean music. Its sound derives from the Reggae en Español from Panama. The genre was invented, shaped and made known in Puerto Rico where it got its name; most of its current artists are also from Puerto Rico. After its mainstream exposure in 2004, it spread to North American, European, Asian and African audiences. If you’re still not quite sure whether up temple beats, quick moves and an elevated heart rate combined with FUN… is for you, then don’t be. Just take a look at the diversification in the ladies that joined us for our Zumba Fest  and know that after a few dances like no one is watching, you’ll start to get it, and you’ll be hooked!