The Mental Juggling Act

No matter where you are in your life, in today’s hectic day-to-day juggling act of balancing kids, family, relationships and work, while trying to manage a healthy diet and exercise regimen is difficult to say the least. Even for those of us who manage to avoid processed and fatty foods many seemingly healthy choices remain nutrient deficient. As we age, our ability to absorb nutrients from foods diminishes every year. Along with varying emotional roller coaster rides, this can be an obstacle in achieving your workout goals from building muscle mass to decreasing body fat.

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Do You Have Enough B 12 & B 6?

While  you may be getting enough B 9 (Folic Acid) which is very vital in building lean muscles in your workouts as it aids protein metabolism and improves digestion, B 12 is an energy booster that is beneficial in the metabolism of protein, carbs and fatty acids. In addition, B12 will actually help rebuild muscle and tissues faster after your workouts than supplements. That’s why after taking Advyndra for the last 30 days, which is loaded with the necessary formulation I need to keep me both motivated and energized throughout my workouts,  Advyndra was vitally  important for controlling the balance for both my  mental and physical health. Where you are in your life can be critical to your mood when life takes you to places of lows and woes. As a professional with lots of demands, it is critical for me to stay on my A- game and with Advyndra this approach is easily achievable especially for women which balances female hormones that controls mood, behavior and  immunity.

Change Your Attitude, Change Your Workout!

Following the exercises in our BWDWO EZ Kick Start Ebook along with Advyndra helps me keep a positive attitude towards my workouts as well as staying optimistic about the results.   Making sure I have enough  B6, an important vitamin that works in protein building, is vitally important for repairing muscle in my weight lifting routine.  By increasing the efficiency of  my carbohydrate metabolism for up to 30 days, the potency of Advyndra’s mood regulation formula keeps me motivated and prevents the accumulation of fat which helped me lose 17 pounds in just 3 to 4 weeks! The combination of these important vitamins and amino acids are all conveniently available in Advyndra ® 545 mg, two gluten-free non –GMO capsules daily.

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” This works wonders for me. I was able to loose weight within 30 days of taking Advyndra. I have energy as well staying focus throughout the day.”


” After starting Advyndra, I saw a big difference in energy, cravings and just overall mood. I will continue to use it regularly.”

Mary L.

” I am a nurse. I started using Advyndra 2 months ago. It is truly a miracle to find something so natural to help the mind and body. My memory has truly improved since starting this supplement. I recommend it to all my co-workers and my family.”