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She decided enough is enough and took action! She was able to stop smoking and lose weight. Cherly says that when she went into dressing room with the size she was currently wearing in her hand and they were too tight, she decided then and there enough was enough!

Cherly says, “May 1st I started my journey. As of today I’m 65lbs down & dropping daily. I changed my whole lifestyle. I stopped smoking & drinking, I eat healthy, I juice & I work out 5 days a week. I’ve only attempted to lose weight one other time in my life and I was very successful. So cheers to try number 2 as well! My ultimate goal is to lose a total of 105lbs and I’m over halfway there!”

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Two years ago around Thanksgiving, I made the decision to have lap band surgery. I was 289 pounds and although I didn’t have any major health concerns, I knew it was inevitable if I did not get my weight back down to my normal weight before my mom passed. I am not sure what sparked my epiphany. I like to think God spoke to me and made me realize that surgery was not the best option for me. I needed to MOVE and STOP EATING SO MUCH. God also helped me to realize that I lost two parents at very young ages (Father at 51 and Mother at 63) due to preventable health reasons and I needed to be more proactive with my health.
After God spoke to me, just like that, I cancelled my lap band surgery and I started running on December 14, 2011, the day after I was scheduled to have my lap band surgery. I have been seriously focusing on my health ever since.

I didn’t take many photos at 289 pounds, because I was ashamed. The photo on the left was me at 289 pounds. The photo on the right is me at 238 pounds (51 pounds lost). The photo on the right was at my Jeff Galloway half marathon training group end of year dinner.They told us to Your Read More Link Text

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Do you know what your current BMI is? Do you think that it is correct for Black Women? An obese person is one that has accumulated an excessive amount of body fat which could have a higher risk for negative effects on their health.

If a person’s body weight is at least 20% higher than it should be, he or she is considered obese. If your Body Mass Index (BMI) is between 25 and 29.9 you are considered overweight.

If your BMI is 30 or over you are considered obese. Body Mass Indexor BMI, is a measure of body fat based on your weight and height. To calculate your BMI, enter your weight and height into the fields below. Do you think that your BMI is correct?

    If your BMI is 30 or more, or is 27 or more with a weight-related medical condition (such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, or high cholesterol), before you enter into any weight loss program, ask your healthcare provider about the best fitness program to help you achieve your weight-loss goals.Updated data when available, Excel, PDF, more data years, and standard errors: See Table #68 at… and[Data are based on measured height and weight of a sample of the civilian non- institutionalized population]


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    How do you measure success? Is success immeasurable? The drive forward attitudes of today’s success stories of visionaries like Steve Jobs or a even a first-time blogger turned start-up entrepreneur reminds us to follow our passions. (wink)

    However, these journeys and many more like these can take more than our dribbling perspiring determination. It also takes having a positive attitude, effective time management, loads of energy, and supportive focus.   When measuring your successes look for those soft skills that accompany the hard work that drives your ideas, dreams and passions. The success is measured only when you feel that you have made some strides towards the genius of the strategic execution behind these ideas! Doing more than you had before is definitely worth celebrating. So feel free to do the happy dance each and every time you feel like showing a little excitement for your success.

    Nelson Madela  let us know that nothing in this world is impossible and Mandela makes sure to remind us of that.

    “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” ~ Nelson Mandela

    And so does our BWDW Sister Jessica Crosby. Her she is in August of this year and here is Jessica Crosby in DECEMBER … she says she is “TEAM FIT ALL THE WAY!!”  We agree! Way to get it in Jessica!  See Jessica’s one-on-one conversation below!

    Jessica crosby conversation

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    How does she stay MOTIVATED? When asked by her online coach Maxwell TheDisciplined Trader Baker at  to explain the most important aspect for reaching her goals, Bernice answered…“Sacrifice, commitment and NEVER giving up…”How did her family react? What kept her motivated? How did she fit it in her schedule? Read more…

    Q. “How much weight did you lose?

    A. “I have lost 48lbs so far and still counting.”

    Q. “Tell me about your journey and what made you start?”

    A. “The fact that my clothes weren’t fitting me anymore, shopping for clothes was a pain, nothing fit properly and it was frustrating and when I stepped on the scale and tipped at 186lbs that to me was scary. According to my doctor I was overweight and that didn’t sound good to me. I knew I had to do something about it.”

    Q. “How did you fit working out into your schedule?’

    A. “With my hectic work schedule I had to find a time in the day that I had the most energy and that was in the morning. Mornings work very well for me because I go in; get my workout in and head on to work as opposed to evening workouts where I found myself trying to make excuses why I can’t work out or I was too tired.”


    Q. “What kept you motivated when you wanted to give up?”

    A. “When I started seeing results I knew there was no way I was going to give up. I knew it was only a matter of time before I reached my goal and that kept me motivated to stay on track.”

    Q. “What would your advice be for others who want to join the journey?”

    A. “Start with making small changes, find activities you like to do, find friends to workout with, find a balance so that you won’t feel exhausted or burnt out. Keep at it and don’t give up because there will be days when you will feel like you can’t go on. Keep your eye on the price it’s all so worth it.”

    Q. “What was the reaction of family and friends?”

    A. “My family is very supportive and encouraging that they’ve also been inspired to change their eating habits and get active. Most of my friends are very active and they’ve been so supportive as well.

    Q. “Have your hobbies changed?”

    A. “Yes, I don’t just stay in the house on the weekends anymore, I go out hiking and bike riding.”

    Q. How has fitness changed your life?

    A. “I feel so much better about myself, am more confident, my energy level is up and the most important one is that I’ve cut down the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes because both my parent are diabetic. Fitness is now a part of who I am. And yes I look good too J 12. What cravings do you have and how do you resolve them? I’m a sucker for candy and cake. And another one of my weakness is sugar, I used to put 4 or 5 teaspoons of sugar in my tea..yikes!. Now I always have some type of fruit in my lunch bag in case I have a sugar craving in the afternoon, and I switched from to Splenda.”

    Q. “What are some life lessons learned from fitness?”

    A.” Self discipline is the biggest one. There’s always temptations to skip a workout session or eating that cupcake and without self discipline those temptations will always win. Discipline keeps me accountable to myself and remaining on track.”

    Q. “What makes it worth it?”

    A. “My health, my future makes it all worth it. Also the fact that I can inspire my family and friends to get healthy as well make is worth it.”

    Q. “What was the moment did things clicked and your entire mind set changed?”

    “The moment I was no longer comfortable with the way I looked or felt I knew it was time I changed all that. The thought of having health issues was also a scary thought and I knew I had to change my eating and get active.”

    Q. “What does it do for your sex life.”

    “Uumm, I don’t really have one for now.”

    Q. “Do you enjoy working out or is it the look that supersedes the work needed to achieve success?”

    A. “I do enjoy working out but to be honest it wasn’t like that in the beginning. I like the way I feel after a workout session and of course the way I look or the results makes it that much more enjoyable.”

     Q. “ What was it like having a virtual coach?”

    A. “It works perfect for me because I can choose the best time for me to work out, I can access my personalized meal plans and workout plans and check my progress anytime of the day and my trainer is only an email or a phone call away. Everything is personalized for me. It makes it easy for me to stay on track and remain disciplined. And I’m not really the ‘boot-camp’ training type of person, lol.”

    Maxwell TheDisciplined Trader Baker is an online coach, fitness competitor and trainer at He resides in Atlanta Georgia with his family. Works at Manerva Funding Financial, Studied at Georgia State University  and Married to Ayana Baker.

    Maxwell TheDisciplined Trader Baker