My Name is Eve Guzman.  I was featured in the January 2015 PEOPLE Magazine “Half Their Size Issue”.  I lost half my body weight, 141 pounds.
My highest weight was 277 lbs. I had been overweight all my life. I toggled between a size 14 and 20 as a teenager . I was 20 and had a newborn daughter. I had gained 85 lbs during my pregnancy. I got to a size 24. I got tired of not being able to walk out of the fitting room with a pair of jeans. I became upset with myself and the way I looked and felt. I researched how to create a healthy weight loss meal plan for myself with low fat clean meals and healthy shakes. I bought a Taebo video and started working out in the privacy of my own home. I found creative ways to cook healthy foods and journaled everything I ate.  Once I lost 40 lbs and got a little more confidence, I got a gym membership and started walking, running and working out on the elliptical machine. It took me about 16 months to lose the first 120 pounds. Six months after I lost the weight, I got pregnant with my second child. I gained 35 lbs with that pregnancy and lost all the weight in 4 months. Over the past 18 months, I started lifting weights and lost an additional 17 lbs and got down to 136 lbs. I have been maintain my weight ever since. PEOPLE magazine found me on social media and contacted me in September 2014 to be in the annual “Half Their Size Issue”. I become a sports nutritionist and Herbalife health coach.  I coach people on macro based nutrition plans, Herbalife nutrition plans, cook weekly meals for clients and host online weight loss challenges to inspire people to lose weight. I love my job and life. I love showing people that my dream can be theirs. I am just a girl who went for it.
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9 months ago I decided to change my life! I was overweight and miserable and has lost control of my body and my eating habits. I did a lot of research and immediately started to change my lifestyle. Since last year June I have managed to lose 45 lbs and 6 dress sizes. I love my high protein, low carb diet and exercise program. I still enjoy life but I make sure that I fuel my body with nutritious food and that I stay active. I almost gave up after one month because I didn’t see results but I am SO grateful that I kept going and stayed consistent I am so happy to have knowledge about my own body and what works for me. Never feel pressured to be a certain size, do what’s right for you and strive towards a better, healthier you! You can do it! I aspire to inspire others with my story! I’m not an expert or a fitness guru, just an ordinary woman on an extraordinary fitness journey!

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this why you plank

Some 30-day plank challenges promise to get you ripped abs, quick. But before doing this one or any of the others, you should first consider the approach and remember that, like all forms of exercise, a plank has its advantages and disadvantages. When done with correct alignment, planks are a smart addition to any workout to strengthen deep core muscles, arms, shoulders, neck, back, hips and legs. However this  30-day plank challenges, which require holding a plank position every day, should be done with caution, as bad technique can cause injury.


What is a plank?

As illustrated in our challenge, planks refer to the many ways we can hold the trunk of our body off the ground in a straight line. When doing a plank, neck or low back pain may indicate weaknesses in the upper or lower parts of the spine. Be careful if your back sags toward the ground because of a weak core. Sagging can compress vertebrae, put pressure on discs and cause shoulder joint inflammation.Your Read More Link Text

Cherly T

She decided enough is enough and took action! She was able to stop smoking and lose weight. Cherly says that when she went into dressing room with the size she was currently wearing in her hand and they were too tight, she decided then and there enough was enough!

Cherly says, “May 1st I started my journey. As of today I’m 65lbs down & dropping daily. I changed my whole lifestyle. I stopped smoking & drinking, I eat healthy, I juice & I work out 5 days a week. I’ve only attempted to lose weight one other time in my life and I was very successful. So cheers to try number 2 as well! My ultimate goal is to lose a total of 105lbs and I’m over halfway there!”

cassadra caldwell

Two years ago around Thanksgiving, I made the decision to have lap band surgery. I was 289 pounds and although I didn’t have any major health concerns, I knew it was inevitable if I did not get my weight back down to my normal weight before my mom passed. I am not sure what sparked my epiphany. I like to think God spoke to me and made me realize that surgery was not the best option for me. I needed to MOVE and STOP EATING SO MUCH. God also helped me to realize that I lost two parents at very young ages (Father at 51 and Mother at 63) due to preventable health reasons and I needed to be more proactive with my health.
After God spoke to me, just like that, I cancelled my lap band surgery and I started running on December 14, 2011, the day after I was scheduled to have my lap band surgery. I have been seriously focusing on my health ever since.

I didn’t take many photos at 289 pounds, because I was ashamed. The photo on the left was me at 289 pounds. The photo on the right is me at 238 pounds (51 pounds lost). The photo on the right was at my Jeff Galloway half marathon training group end of year dinner.They told us to Your Read More Link Text