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Is she too thin or have we just gotten used to seeing Black women overweight? Jennifer Hudson has been taking some heat for being too thin from her fans who have watched her drop major pounds as the spokesperson for Weight Watchers. She has never been this thin and as photos emerged of the actress in a bra and jeans combo, fans had mixed reactions for the new look. Earlier in her career, she was told she was too big, now she is too thin; seems like no matter what she does people will have something to say.
Clearly she has lost a lot of weight and is not shy about showing off a new svelte look that goes very nicely with the newly cut coif hairstyle that seems to really accentuates very pronounced  features of her face. However, according to the weight loss is for a new movie titled ”The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete”, where she plays a heroin addict named Gloria.

In October she told Huffington Post:Your Read More Link Text

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Take the Eat More Kale Challenge with us and make this the  number 1 “Go To” Super Food!  For the next two weeks, see how much kale you can incorporate into your diet. Make all of your turkey wrap sandwiches and salads using Kale and also use these recipes to also keep you on track. You can make sea salt Kale Chips, sauté’ your kale and even make a refreshing juice drink!  See these simple recipes and eat more of this nutritional powerhouse!

Now Lets Eat!


Kale Chips! With Your Favorite Seasoning Instead of Greasy Potato Chips!

One bunch of kale

1-2 tablespoons olive oil

Sea Salt (or your favorite seasonings sprinkled lightly)

PepperYour Read More Link Text

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By: Yvonne Renee Davis

Although I was always very overweight (obese), as an adult (fooling myself that I was “healthy” or “thick”), and my blood pressure was lower than most, things took a turn for the worse when it was reading 145 over 95 and higher sometimes. Ankles were swelling and despite the fact that I did not drink (never started) or smoked, my diet was poor, I ate too much and my exercise routine of cardio yielded little results and returned weight gain.

In 2013 after experiencing the same health getting poorer and then experiencing dizziness, I decided it was time to change my life, but I did not really know how.

Prior to going to Israel and Palestine for the U.S. Department of State to provide media training for Palestinian Women, I saw on my Facebook page Coach Kelvin Moore of
He reached out to me after I replied to a post that I was going to join the Abs and Glutes classes (8 classes a month). He kept on me; even when I was away. When I returned I joined the classes and suffered a great deal; not even and/or just barely getting through the classes.Your Read More Link Text


Dr. Phoenyx Austin, MD

I know what you’re thinking. This whole clean eating things sounds nice and all, but what it also sounds like is that I’ll be stuck in the kitchen cooking for hours on end, right? Wrong! With a little planning, clean eating will mean nutritious (and quick) meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The key is to keep things streamlined and hassle-free by creating shopping lists for the week or month. Also try making meals in bulk and Your Read More Link Text