I would like help in spreading a positive message about the importance of health, fitness and physical activity especially in the black community. Here is my story.

“I have been overweight my entire life. Even while playing sports. Until after I stopped playing basketball I blew up to my heaviest in 5 years. I decided that I was done being unhappy and decided to change my LIFE. I’m documenting my weight loss journey on IG to let people know the ups AND the downs to show them that it won’t be easy or perfect but it will be worth it. I’ve worked hard to lose about 80lbs since my heaviest at 303lbs. I just want to show people it’s possible. @calidreamfitness.”
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I know what the bigger picture is and it keeps me from quitting!!!! Knowing how far I have come to quit! Knowing the struggle of wanting to fall back but I refuse to let my self go back! Reaching a max weight of 274 when I was pregnant with my first child! It took me a year and a Couple of months to loose the weight by walking 4 to 5 miles a day cutting back on sugar breads pasta etc…. No unhealthy snacking! And a big cup of WILL POWER!
I have been on my journey for 10 years now and it’s the best thing I have done for myself !

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My weight loss journey started after I had my second son in September 2014. I had gained weight after college with my pregnancies. ( I was an emotional eater… but God has delivered me from that) I was determined to lose weight, and I had made my mind up while I was pregnant that I was going to lose it. I knew that I need to get healthy so that I could be there for my family and model a healthy lifestyle for my children. So a week after I had my son, I started walking. I have lost 55lbs….13 inches in my waist. It has taken me 6 months (but Im not done.) I still have 30 more pounds that I want to lose What I did to lose the weight: I stopped eating out, meal prepped my lunches and snacks and exercised 5 days a week. I also eat 6 well balanced meals a day. Advice: I would say just take it one day at a time…small changes add up. We didn’t gain the weight in one day…so its going to take time to loss, but stick with it. Follow me on instagram @faithfatburing for meal prep idea, emotional eating tips and motivation. My goal is to inspire others as people before me have inspired and encouraged me.