Hi, I work out 3 days a week for an hour with a personal trainer. We focus on lifting weights, legs, core ,arms and back. On the days I’m not with my trainer, I go to the gym and do 3 miles on the treadmill. I started training at the beginning of November 2014. My trainer taught me that 80% of losing weight and being healthy is through nutrition. You can work out all day but if you don’t eat the right foods and eat clean you won’t lose the weight or gain muscle. I eat 4 to 5 meals a day, every 3 to 4 hours. For example, for breakfast I’ll have half a cup of oatmeal, four egg whites and a protein shake. My second meal would be 4 ounces of chicken breast and half a cup of yams. My third meal would be 4 ounces of lean turkey 97%, 2 cups of broccoli and one rice cake. My fourth meal would be a protein shake or 5 ounces of tilapia fish and a large salad rich in greens. One gallon of water every day flushes out toxins in your body and also fat. I have a sippy cup and once I finish drinking the water, I fill it up again. In addition to eating clean, I also take a lot of vitamins and supplements with each meal. The supplements help break down the food and burn fat. I lost 8 pounds in the first month. my arms are more defined, my waist is smaller, and my body is tone all over. My goal now is just maintaining the workout regimen, eating healthy and working on my lower body. I feel healthy, look healthy and I love it! Thanks for letting me share my store!! Good luck ladies!! You can do!
stuffed collards greens and turkey

Our fitness partner Sheilia Simmons, blogger of the thefrugalexerciser.blogspot.com provided us with one of her delicious meals from her garden last week and shared it with our BWDW community. “I decided to try my hand at making wraps from collard greens.  I got the idea from another blogger, Urban Naturale , but I didn’t use her filling because it was vegetarian.  I wanted ‘meat’ inside my wraps” she added.

She used a filling from the recipe she cooked and highlighted on her blog – Sukuma Wiki. “Since I loved how the meat tasted with the collard greens, I thought it would make a great filling for the collard green wrap.  I eliminated the chopped up collards in the recipe since I was using it as the wrap, and I didn’t have beef but ground turkey.”

Quick and easy to make by substituting the vegetable filling with her turkey meat recipe you get a fantastic tasting and healthy meal that the entire family can enjoy! Also, you limit your consumption of sandwiches and wraps made with whole wheat by substituting the whole wheat wrap with collards. Here’s how you can make them.

She steamed the collards between 30 seconds to 1 minute and anything beyond that would make it too soft for a wrap.  I guess you can eat the leaf raw but it makes it too bitter in my opinion.  Check out the how to video here.  Your Read More Link Text

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For Immediate Release (CHICAGO) August 1, 2014—Black Women Do Workout®, LLC (BWDW)www.BWDWO.com the revolutionary online fitness company that entertains  close to one million social media and website community followers who engage in unfiltered raw health news topics, culinary advice, national athletic events and real life before and after stories today announced  it has acquired equity interest in Timbuk Fitness™  www.timbukfitness.com.

Black Women Do Workout® CEO and Founder Crystal Adell says this acquisition will help grow their robust social media fitness movement by combining it with extraordinary live national fitness events. “We are very pleased to build upon our strategic partnership with Timbuk and believe that by combining resources we will lead the fitness world in developing and promoting innovative strategies for weight loss, better health, and longevity. In addition, we will be addressing public health concerns associated with the soaring obesity rate among African American women as reported by the Centers for Disease Control, (CDC). These health risks include heart disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure” she said.Your Read More Link Text

wendy mends workout and meal plan

Wendy Mends started her weight loss journey in January 2012, but only really committed 6 months of the year to it. She traded in an hour lunch break at work into an hour workout with a coworker who was finishing up her bootcamp  for additional motivation.

The two committed to working out together for 3 days a week regardless to how hard it was to stick with it. They used the parking lot at their job for running, challenges which she said that she could barely complete more than 500 feet without feeling like she wanted to pass out. But she kept pushing anyway. See her complete meal plan and workouts here…Your Read More Link Text

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Apple and Cinnamon Detox Health Benefits

Having a problem getting enough water into your body? Want a viable detox drink that taste good and easy to make? Why not try the now famous detox cinnamon and apple water and feel full all day long!

Use the Fuji and Honey Crisp apples which work best since they are the sweetest and have more flavor.  However, if you want more of the apple flavor, keep your slices thin and do more of them.  This recipe has helped 1000′s of people lose weight and keep their water uptake regular.

This is also referred to as the Zero Calorie detox water because it contains nearly zero calories. There are calories from the apple, but they’re pretty small in numbers The cinnamon benefits helps stimulate your internal organs to cleanse themselves, while the apple is providing you with its all natural source of vitamins and minerals. So kick start your Detox today and help boost the energy you need to keep you motivate all day long.Your Read More Link Text