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My Name is Sharon Webb-Lipscomb, I am 47 years old.  I have been on a lifestyle journey for several many years.  I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes back in 2001.  I was 362, which I started to make a change. I started making small changes, because saying I want to loose 50lbs was overwhelming to me.  So i started reading labels and sticking to serving sizes and making healthy choices.  I tried many different programs trying to keep me focused and consistent. Believing that you can and a lot of prayer goes a long way. I have currently lost a total of 89lbs. I am 11 lbs. to my 100lbs. I walked the Ukrops 10k April 9, 2016.  My first K of any kind.

Last August 11, 015 I started a health and wealthy ministry at my church.  Let’s Move Together.  Anytime you are having weight issues and the doctor says, “just move a little”.  Well that is what we started doing.  We will have been working out a year in a few days.  We do Tuesday regular group and Thursday beginners & regular group.  We started with one day a week and now more.  We even will get a Saturday morning walk in.  I try to encourage all levels to fitness to come.   We started with just line dancing and then Biggest loser &Leslie Sansone DVDs.  Last week the group conquered 4 miles in 52 minutes.  They are so awesome.
To help more i challenged my self to take a nutrition course.  I just completed that and have received my certificate.  My next step is Personal Training Certification.  I want to obtain that, because sometimes it is intimidating going to the gym or personal trainer.  If the person see’s me and see my journey it may encourage them to take that first step.  I want to inspire, encourage and motivate anyone that may need it. So that is my story.
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