Hi I’m Consha and I’m 25 years old…I’ve pretty much been obese all my life but it got outta hand my 9th Grade Year in High School…where I found out I was 300lbs…from there I desired to lose weight but emotional ¬†eating took control…My Mom was my inspiration….Studying to become a ¬†Nurse and interacting with people at work explaining the risks of their overall health is My Motivation and STILL is…Changing my eating habits took some time I put myself on a 4/3 ratio…Where I’d eat what I wanted for 4 days and healthy the other 3 days…Now I’m down to one cheat day…I gave up Rice, Bread, Beef & Pork…5 Small Meals Per Day…Protein Shakes after workouts etc…I trained with a Personal Trainer 3 Days a Week and ran on the 4th day…I started at 350lbs…I am now 5’6 and 200lbs it’s taken me about a year and 4 months to get this far…You’re the FIRST example of how the world is supposed to Love you…so be the BEST example ever…Prayer,Consistency, Eyes Forward, & to Believe in themselves is my advice to others…I don’t have a fancy story…JESUS simply keeps me… I am on Instagram @IamConshay




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  1. Consha that is awesome, and I know the feeling of the sacrifice you made by giving up bread! It is my favorite! It was such a hard thing to do, but in the end it was definitely worth it. Weight loss isn’t an easy thing, and a trainer helps keep you in line. I’m the kind of person that expects tangible rewards, so for me I had to hold a carrot out in front of me in the form of things like new fitness clothes. I would always just drop on by http://www.airabellaactive.com and pick out a new outfit once i hit my goal weight. It’s such a gratifying thing to accomplish a goal like that, I still have a little more work to do, but thank you for your motivational story!

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