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How committed are you?  Find out when you use promotional Code BWDW14 and save $5! –> Kelly Rowland “abs of steel” steals the show in every photo! Kelly told Shape Magazine for their October issue that she pays attention to what she eats. She does not like the lethargic feeling she gets when eating the wrong food so she keeps her food healthy. She has egg whites for breakfast, spinach salads for lunch, and she loves arugula. For satisfying her cravings for sweets she replaces Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with half a tablespoon of almond butter on half a… more

“He No Longer Needs Insulin!”

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This holiday some couples will celebrate with a gift exchange, maybe even something that sparkles. Although diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, there are other ways to get your favorite girl’s heart racing that can easily become her new best friend. The gift of sharing in exercising challenges is a gift of caring especially when someone is sick or suffering from the side affects of a debilitating disease like diabetes. The square root gift of kindness can easily be as simple as being cared for by caring about someone else. Planning an exercise regimen for you and your partner may not seem romantic, but you’d be surprised. Experts… more

Clean Eating Saves Money & Time


Dr. Phoenyx Austin, MD I know what you’re thinking. This whole clean eating things sounds nice and all, but what it also sounds like is that I’ll be stuck in the kitchen cooking for hours on end, right? Wrong! With a little planning, clean eating will mean nutritious (and quick) meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The key is to keep things streamlined and hassle-free by creating shopping lists for the week or month. Also try making meals in bulk and

This Week’s Feature…From 215 to 165lbs, Dreama’s Dream

No Dream Deferred

From 215lb to 165! Her motivation was to be the best in professional, modern and hip-hop dance. Her challenge was the extra weight that held her back from booking the “big gigs.” “I had to change it up, reveals Dreama Davidson, my workout regime consists of resistant training/heavy cardio…weights and power lifting with a lot stretching. I work out 5 days a week with 2 resting days spread out (on occasion I might do just cardio on a rest day).I switch my workouts up every four weeks so my body rarely gets use to any given routine.The step mill and the… more

RAW Vegan Green Machine Smoothie

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RAW Vegan JUICE FASTING Ebook Author, Endurance Athlete, and RAW Event Hostess Teresa Jordan shares her drink with us…”Today after Spinning Class, I treated myself to a delicious healthy GREEN SMOOTHIE made with PASSION FRUIT, PINEAPPLE, PUMKIN SEEDS, CURLEY KALE, and MESQUITE Powder…. delicious and Nutritious :-)”