Fitter Smiles Free Meal Plan

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Remember ladies it is clean diet and exercise! When it comes to losing weight and losing it for good, it means you have to do something differently, especially when it comes to food. It’s about changing your relationship with food. Stop thinking you can’t eat that, or won’t eat this.  Is the taste of food or avoiding redundant food more important than reaching your goals? Take control and use food as fuel. It doesn’t mean you can never have a cheat meal, but don’t cheat yourself and your potential if you are not willing to try something different. I appreciate all… more

Benefits of Detox Water

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Apple and Cinnamon Detox Health Benefits Having a problem getting enough water into your body? Want a viable detox drink that taste good and easy to make? Why not try the now famous detox cinnamon and apple water and feel full all day long! Use the Fuji and Honey Crisp apples which work best since they are the sweetest and have more flavor.  However, if you want more of the apple flavor, keep your slices thin and do more of them.  This recipe has helped 1000′s of people lose weight and keep their water uptake regular. This is also referred to as… more

Free Meal Plan

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Meal planning is one of the best ways to structure and plan out your eating, especially when you are not sure about what or how you want to eat. No more opening the refrigerator and staring blankly into it thinking and imagining what you could just throw together. Meal planning is so important, fitness experts and those preparing for fitness competitions consider it a must. They not only plan their meals down to the ounce, they spend most of at least one day each week prepping those meals. If you ever wondered why people would rather take out the time… more

Fitter Body, Fitter Smiles

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Are you smiling when you see a much fitter and leaner body developing as a result to your daily exercises and clean eating?  If not, then you should be. Trainer and Group Fitness professional Fitter Smiles has great insight on how to get those SMILES you want and deserve when it comes to reaching your goals.  She says, “The biggest concern that I get from clients or members from my group exercise classes is ‘what is the best exercise to get my stomach flat!’  My answer is DIET! You have to be honest with your self. Truly HONEST. Ask yourself these questions, ‘Am I truly eating as healthy… more

Eat Kale!

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Take the Eat More Kale Challenge with us and make this the  number 1 “Go To” Super Food!  For the next two weeks, see how much kale you can incorporate into your diet. Make all of your turkey wrap sandwiches and salads using Kale and also use these recipes to also keep you on track. You can make sea salt Kale Chips, sauté’ your kale and even make a refreshing juice drink!  See these simple recipes and eat more of this nutritional powerhouse! Now Lets Eat!   Kale Chips! With Your Favorite Seasoning Instead of Greasy Potato Chips! One bunch of kale 1-2 tablespoons… more